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Humorist Mark Twain was among the first to call the years bookmarking the turn of the 19th century the “Gilded Age.” Struck by the results of rapid industrialization, rampant greed, political ...
by eclift
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No doubt, the wealthy (Romney leading the gaiety) are dancing in the streets, not celebrating their gain but dancing for joy over the Hoi polloi's (93% of us) losses. thinkingblue A Rise in Wealth ...
by thinkingblue
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This will be short - but sweet..... With the latest results reported from New York state, Barack Obama is officially over 51% of the Popular vote - the first president to win 2 terms with 51% or ...
by GayIthacan
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ROMNEY SHARE OF POPULAR VOTE IN THE 9 BATTLEGROUND STATES: 47%!!!!! . . . . 426.9 / 9 = 47....
by GayIthacan
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I got an email just now from the Obama campaign with a link to the video of people on the streets reacting to the video of Romney. The video is embedded below.
by kriskos
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Woke up today with a familiar feeling after Oakland's May Day events last night, where the Black Pajamas Gang and their Black Bloc tactics have fucked up yet another Occupy Oakland gathering. ...
by mic check oakland
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I'm so unbelievably sick of occupy acting like it has a monopoly on the terminology they kind of coined (really just adopted). You can't claim to be the 99%, then say that 98% of the 99% can't use ...
by Odysseas
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I in no way mean to imply that there is a coming doom or that a horrible catastrophe will occur; I do mean to say that something has already occurred. But I do not believe it to be a disaster, but ...
by Gvico
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After seeing the footage of the vandalism and attack at the Whole Foods Market Oakland on Wednesday November second during the Occupy Oakland march both from the NBC helicopter and from footage ...
by Gvico
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Suggestions for new holiday habits to help your local economy.
by J Rond
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I have to speak briefly in the defense of some of the uncertain press that has come out with relation to Occupy Wall Street. This isn't a defense saying they are accurate in their portrayals. It's ...
by StopMotionsolo
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