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I was inspired to ask this question based on the recent diary by Egberto Willies on Democratic re-treads . The Democratic Party has mostly the correct ...
by pierre9045
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A magazine cover has never before made me as angry as Texas Monthly's cover featuring state Senator Wendy Davis as the winner of their "Bum Steer" award. So congrats, Texas Monthly , for descending ...
by nomandates
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We at Daily Kos Elections are continuing to clear the decks on all the links that we've accumulated post-election that were interesting but not terribly time-sensitive; we previously looked at the ...
by David Jarman
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by rightor1
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The 2014 campaign brought us more than its share of ads. Most are quite forgettable, but plenty were notable in one way or another. Some managed to present an interesting and compelling case for ...
by Jeff Singer
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In a post election email sent to campaign volunteers, executive Director Jenn Brown made one part of those future plans abundantly clear… Battleground Texas may be bruised, but is here to stay. ...
by TexasLeftist
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As most of you already know, state Senator Wendy Davis will not be the next governor of Texas despite the efforts of so many, including those at Daily Kos who applauded her courage and stamina in ...
by nomandates
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From [http://progressivepopulist.blogspot.com/2014/11/dems-need-populist-pitch.html The Progressive Populist] Give the Republicans credit: They did a much better job of focusing the rage of the ...
by jcullen
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Unlike the situations in other states, Why Wendy Davis lost is an easy one to understand. Her campaign's biggest mistake was trying to win the election based on getting the most votes from the same ...
by johnnyintexas
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Wendy Davis, Democratic candidate for Governor of Texas, got beat on Tuesday. This was no surprise , but what was surprising was just how badly she lost. Despite a state-of-the-art grassroots ...
by Mathemagics
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This is purely for fun and in no way represents any psychic ability on my part. My Senate predictions… Dems Retain: VA, RI, OR, NJ, NM, NH, NC, MN, MI, MA, IL, IA, HI, DE, CO, AK Dems Flip: KS* , ...
by DemSign
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Not a shocker: Greg Abbott wins in Texas.
by Barbara Morrill
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Tonight's guests are Wendy Davis on The Daily Show and Meredith Vieira on The Colbert Report. Wendy Davis is a Democratic Texas state senator, candidate ...
by pgm 01
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Jon Stewart and the Best Effing News Team know what's up in Texas. They recognize, though others ignore, that whether or not Texas turns blue in November, the election here will be historical. Wendy ...
by shesaid
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Our second and final week of early voting here in Texas is now underway, and we still have a ton of work to do! Have you voted for Wendy Davis, Leticia Van de Putte, and other Texas Democrats yet? ...
by Chrislove
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After six days into early voting (including a weekend day), in the top 15 most populated counties, roughly 43,000 more people have cast their ballots in 2014 compared to the 2010 gubernatorial ...
by Karikalan
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I looked at the early voting reports issued by the Texas Secretary of State for 2014 and 2010. The early voting in four of the five most populous counties were roughly the same for both years. ...
by Karikalan
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I gave money today. Money I do not have really. But I voted and gave. C'mon vote. Do it. Or I'll be disappointed. More after the break.
by pantherchap
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Early voting began in Texas ...
by Egberto Willies
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Eliot Cutler, probably the dude on the ...
by David Nir
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