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You may not have noticed, but for the last couple of days I've been a man on a mission. I softened you up with a [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/03/21/1372367/-This-Thing-Is-SOOO-Cute cute ...
by PvtJarHead
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The political right makes claim on the Constitution. "After all," they argue, "those powers not expressly granted to the Federal government are reserved for the States." I'll acknowledge that ...
by andrewrex
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Since William Rehnquist joined the Supreme Court, it has made several rulings that have knocked the U.S. Constitution out of whack. Retired ...
by hungeski
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Something I've been advocating, within my very tiny circle, for some time now is that we have got to smooth out the beyond-antiquated bumps in the wave chart of federal election cycles. Two years ...
by roynorth
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On Buying Votes and Government Funding of Elections — If money is “nothing more nor less than a means for exchange of goods or services”, then obviously when an individual or organized entity ...
by Lee4LH
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Power for the citizens when we stand together! Every person with an equal vote in a democracy, or a democratically voted for represented body whose members have equal votes in a republic. Although, ...
by 22niel
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I'm not a lawyer. In no way am I qualified to work out exactly how the wording should be. But it's past time we pushed a Constitutional Amendment that would define people, individual, person, and ...
by koseighty
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and Congratulations To April's Super Stamper! thinkingblue stampstampede....
by thinkingblue
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I admit, I use Facebook as my daily newspaper now. I get the best news, opinions, and things to read there, and have a very diverse group of friends of every theological/intellectual/ideaological ...
by artisanrox
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Peace, social justice and environmental sanity; presumably we’re all after these same things. And yet it seems such an elusive goal. Many, I believe, have given up. Others, whose faith is greater,
by bettylucy
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As a veteran- A new idea for when our Nation has to go to war: When the country decides we need to go to war, there should be a tax applied to every non-military, non-veteran family to help pay for ...
by imobannon
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This post has gone through so many iterations in my head over many months, but I thought Election Day would be a good time to resolve my issues and complete it. The concept is that I would sue ...
by Woody25
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I thought of this while listening to my music library and reflecting on Snowden and the NSA leaks. Take it as you will.
by TheNerdyJournalist
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by thefarleftside
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Yesterday in this space I wrote about the SCOTUS decision to disembowel the 1965 Voting Rights Act based on the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, also known as states rights. For those of us ...
by StewartAcuff
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NOTE: Earlier today, I wrote this diary because I thought that Wisconsin State Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D) had unilaterally disarmed by refusing to even attempt to amend the proposed ...
by DownstateDemocrat
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The article is from 4/20, but I have not found it referenced here on DK. I will not re-post without permission, so here is the link. Dear Gun Control Democrats: 6 Ways to Make a Better Argument ...
by DispositionMatrix
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I, like many, are wondering what it is that's different about the gun debate that has so many okay with numbers of innocent children being gunned down every year. Although nothing will ever be full ...
by micwazoo
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The front page has an absolutely must see TED talk by Lawrence Lessig. If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading this, go to the front page and scroll down until you find it. Watch, then come back ...
by monkeybrainpolitics
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Do I believe there is any chance, at this point in history, of something getting through a super-majority of both houses of Congress, and then agreed to by 38 state legislatures? I have but a razor-...
by Arbo
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