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I, like many other GLBT Americans, sat down yesterday to watch the Inaugural Concert, anxious for whatever satisfaction I could get out of the parts that would include or reference my community, who ...
by gayjustice
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Lesbian and Gay Band Association Music. Visibility. Pride. It will be the first time the band, which includes 40 New Yorkers, will get to march ...
by Kitty
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What a difference a month makes. After being absolutely apoplectic since the day Obama announced that Rick Warren would recite a prayer at the inaugural, I am finally putting my own cease fire ...
by FlipperWaves
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hello friends. i wish all of you a very special saturday night out there, wherever you are - from the balmy shores of haines, AK to the freezing hills of tennessee. take a drink of this cup of ...
by elephantitis
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Yesterday, I returned to the city I called home for ten years. I left for the Bay Area in the summer of 2005, making a profound personal change. I found that I was ready for far more change than ...
by Femlaw
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Dear all, I am a member of the Young Lawyers for Obama- DC Chapter, I am representing the ball that we are hosting on Sunday, January 18th. This ball is at the historic Old Ebbitt Grill at 675 ...
by FenwaySteve
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First off, even is TONIGHT. I'm part of a planning committee for the people's Inaugural Ball. We have three events and have 200 tickets available for $35 for tonight's event. Here's the info: $35 ...
by Bendygirl
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I thought it'd be fun to just take a break and visit a few of the details that will be going in to the Inaugural Luncheon celebration, now just ten days away.
by dmhlt 66
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Great Democracy Now report about Rick Warren! It's the best analysis that I have seen on the topic. Max Blumenthal, the reporter who investigated the "Rick Warren's Double Life" piece, offers a ...
by Oblogama
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In a well-intentioned diary now on the rec list, John Campanelli notes a blog post by Tammy Lynn Michaels, who says that ...
by keep paying attention
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Many of our "gay leadership" are too busy patting their own backs, protecting their own turf and indulging their egotistical militancy. As a result, they can't see the forest for the trees. Which, ...
by Soulmentor
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And talked with him, even. Better yet -- it was at an event organized by a Muslim group in LA :
by Phoenix Woman
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I have been blogging here for days venting my anger over the selection of Rev., Warren by president-elect Obama to participate in inaugural activities on January 20, 2008. I must admit my reaction ...
by FlipperWaves
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One of the very best TV villains of all time has to be Miles Drentell, the amoral advertising agency executive in thirtysomething . One of the show's many memorable moments ...
by NWTerriD
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On November 4th, I asked my mother, a 78 year-old immigrant, recent American citizen, and religious, why she voted against Proposition 8 (meaning that she did not vote for a constitutional ban on ...
by Oblogama
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Like most people, I was shocked to see that Rick Warren was going to give the opening benediction at Barack Obama's inaugural. Warren is not only a raging homophobe and James Dobson with a slicker ...
by Phoenix Woman
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PLEASE FORWARD 1. Presidential Inaugural Committee The official Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) website is up and running. This will be your clearinghouse for all things ...
by howardpark
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[Composed in the early hours of Election Day, before I crossed the Mississippi to help the Obama GOTV effort from his Cherokee Street office in south St. Louis. I listened, enthralled, to Obama’
by Libertas Liberque
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