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Here are three quick pieces of advice ...
by Jon Perr
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Reposted from Wonky News Nerd Median net worth increased between 2000 and 2011 for households in the top two quintiles of the net worth distribution (the wealthiest 40 percent), while declining for ...
by WonkyNewsNerd
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Just as with any other commodity, when the market is over-saturated, it tends to bring the value down --- and the same can be said for labor market. And with high unemployment (11.7 million that the ...
by Bud Meyers
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Since the White House comment lines are jammed ([http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/write-or-call#call 202-456-1111]) I had to put my comments into an e-mail message to get through. What are the ...
by Liberal Thinking
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America is heading in the wrong direction economically, and there are only two ways out. The polarization of the rich and poor is accelerating in a way that imperils economic growth. Mitt Romney's ...
by danielaltman
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Just days after telling college students to borrow money from their parents to start a business (advice his son Tagg took to the tune of $10 million), Mitt Romney offered voters another important ...
by Jon Perr
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Well, we didn't really have to wait for the Congressional Budget Office to tell us this: the rich got richer. But, the timing is good, what with Rick Perry trying his snake oil salesman pitch ...
by Tasini
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Today's 10th anniversary of the Bush tax cuts arrives at a particularly ironic time. Ironic, that is, because ...
by Jon Perr
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In his latest effort to rebrand both the Republican and Democratic parties, former House Speaker ...
by Jon Perr
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When you write a diary these days, it just zooms down the list. It's like watching the credits on a made-for-TV movie. I thought my diary yesterday was pretty good. So snip, snip - a bit of editing -
by Anne Elk
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