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There is a picture making its way around the internet of a grossly overweight woman standing in what looks like a cafeteria line. She is wearing a pair of shorts that are several sizes too small ...
by RamonaGrigg
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This diary is in response to comments in a Front Page diary from earlier today. The diary pointed out the republican response to the hobby lobby decision, which of course contained the predictable ...
by btfsilence
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It didn't take long, but the media has done the seemingly impossible. They have taken a story about a racist billionaire slumlord who made his coin off of denying the rights of minorities and turned ...
by backell
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OK., for everybody who got their panties in a bunch over Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA.
by CT Smarter
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The "pro-life" movement is absolutely anything BUT "pro-life." This hypocritical and misleading nomenclature should be discontinued immediately. "Anti-choice" is also far too tame. This group of ...
by BadKitties
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“If the eyes of the ‘observer’, i.e. the point E, is right on the extension of segment BC, then point B would fall into his eyesight. Then, let's make another line of DE which goes through E ...
by addikell
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It about took my breath away for a moment, I was stunned and not quite sure how to respond. My purpose for this diary is not to call out the other person involved in any way, but rather to use this ...
by kbman
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The recent controversy over insurance coverage for contraception has vividly made the point that feminists have argued for years. The culture wars over reproductive rights never have been primarily ...
by RH Reality Check
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For those of us who took courses in college studying oppressed social groups or gender studies you might remember the professor standing at the front of the class trying to explain that there was a ...
by RfrancisR
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I am writing this, largely, in response to Tracy Clark-Flory's recent article at Salon.com on men and "slut-shaming." She defines slut-shaming as "any behavior meant to punish someone for their ...
by RfrancisR
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