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Plans for a 17-city Army Special Operations exercise in Texas stirred some ultra-right-wing fears of a government takeover in the Lone Star State, but local law enforcement say they've long been ...
by annieli
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The hair is real & mine. Don't know why ur fascinated with it or compare it to alien life forms. #AiringOfGrievances pic.twitter.com/Vl5JvS2h2N ��
by annieli
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Idiot racists haven't figured out that with airport flight transfers every zone is a "hot zone" and even domestic regional airports and (gasp) even airfreight could transfer cooties ...
by annieli
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I can't seem to escape this kind of paranoia no matter where I go online, but Star Trek Online is the last place I'd expect to see the kind of fear and hatred the wingnuts propagate on a daily basis.
by Homer177
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Just a couple weekends ago, I was talking with smileycreek, navajo and Meteor Blades and I jokingly called my local newspaper "the Tea Party Gazette." My little local paper, which only comes out ...
by paradise50
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At the beginning of this month, genealogy monopolist Ancestry.com announced that it was discontinuing subsidiary services MyFamily, Mundia, and MyCanvas, and would be maintaining Genealogy.com ONLY ...
by TheOtherMaven
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The right wingers can't run far enough away from Cliven Bundy after his racist remarks went public, and the bickering and fingerpointing over the fiasco is just starting. Alex Jones is digging his ...
by Eternal Hope
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I think we all wished we could have yelled at the idiot from Infowars that was asking asinine "false flag" questions during the joint press briefings during the Boston bombing tragedy. I know I was ...
by Short Bus
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“There is an irony that the most anti-gay [groups] are Al Qaeda and the American Right-Wing” Former U.S. Congressman Barney Frank The above quote doesn’t really have much to do with ...
by okofay
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Why yes, they can get loonier. And they don't get much loonier than New Hampshire State Representative Stella Tremblay. Rather than focusing her attention on, I don't know, legislating in New ...
by Chrislove
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Hat tip to @BuzzFeedAndrew .
by Hunter
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Ok, I've been seeing quite a few diaries in the thread today applauding Tea Party Senator Rand Paul's (R. KY) talking filibuster in slowing down John Brennan, President Obama's nominee for the ...
by poopdogcomedy
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The "culture war" and the debate on immigration played out on stage at WWE's Monday Night Raw tonight as Tea Party-inspired villains Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter played up anti-immigrant fears, ...
by eades
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As I said in my previous post on this topic, I've never been a fan of professional rasslin' (or even of real wrestling ). I've so enjoyed watching Glenn Beck make a paranoid ass of himself over the "...
by eades
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"I'm such an American I piss Budweiser...." - Jack Swagger The artificial world of professional rasslin’ (as opposed to the real sport of wrestling ), has always employed stock parody characters ...
by eades
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In a string: Holocaust Denial, Moon shot denial, Truthers, then birthers. Now Sandy Hook Denial is settling in. The massacre was faked. The 20 children were not killed. It was all staged to make an ...
by bontemps2012
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I'm not going to say much. Jump below the fold, and descend into insanity. But if you want the big hits: 1.) There was a second shooter. Probably a government official, because witnesses say he ...
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As the US Gov seeks permission to assasinate Americans on domestic soil and our dear Pres seeks to get power to shut off the internet under FISA powers; Google n YouTube just cannot wait that long ...
by laserhaas
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With Republicans in disarray and Fox News (sic) plummeting further into irrelevance each day, the network is getting increasingly dangerous and radical. The latest development is the new Fox ...
by Frankie Teardrop
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So I was a bit curious as to how well the "Tea Party" would do in my home town. As I walked out my door, I was met by the bite of cold rain and wind. I thought to myself "this can't be good ...
by The Blue State Bandit
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