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Long Prison Term/Exile Scot-Free On-the-Spot Execution Leak classified documents exposing lawbreaking, corruption, waste* Leak classified information supporting the administration Expose acts ...
by Simplify
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Senator Gillibrand's office released a statement: While this decision is shocking, I want to echo the statement of a wide range of leaders inside and outside of government who are urging that ...
by TomP
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Note: I originally posted this on my blog and am re-posting it here because I think it's something that people need to know about. As we all know, the grand jury in the case of the Ferguson, ...
by jeffmotron
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The administration of George W. Bush committed a number of actions, some of which are likely criminal , some of which expand the powers of the ...
by joe shikspack
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In the interest of not having Darren Wilson's version of the story be the only version offered by the two protagonists in the Ferguson tragedy, here is what I imagine Mike Brown’s testimony to the ...
by Bonifer
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Every person in that police department and prosecutors office and more should be arrested and charged with all kinds of crimes. I would try to summarize but I have to go throw up. Here is the link ...
by bookcrazzzy
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Just a short diary that will disappear quickly but I have to say this. I don't cry anymore.
by Dark UltraValia
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I'm still trying to get my head and heart around the Grand Jury Decision in Ferguson that there is NO probable cause to indict Darren Walker on criminal charges. * When Prosecutor McCullough ...
by rontakchi
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If you google college and rape, you will find: frat boys can rape co-eds with impunity at many colleges from sea to shining sea. If you google police and killing, you will find: police can kill ...
by CIndyCasella
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Please note. I am a white male America watching this from oversees with incredible sadness but I would like to present this question. I want to ask what would have happened if it had been a ...
by bluedogsd
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He knows that Darren Wilson did not know about the possible store robbery before he encountered Michael Brown. But tonight he went ahead and made that exact claim. McCullough LIED to the public. ...
by Tausendberg
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That's the real question, isn't it. Since Michael Brown was shot multiple times for the apparent crime of walking down the middle of the street, his body left lying on the street for hours, ...
by Puddytat
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All 4799 pages http://graphics8.nytimes.com/newsgraphics/2014/11/24/ferguson-assets/grand-jury-testimony.pdf I picked a random spot, and backed up to the beginning of that witness' testimony. Page ...
by Rock Golf
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See the brutal injuries inflicted on Darren Wilson who feared for his life. Clearly he had reason to believe his life was in danger. EDIT: Dem Beans in the comments notes that the redness on ...
by snowman3
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T-Mobile is not as big as Verizon or AT&T but they have all of the class that the latter two have:
by Walter Einenkel
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by rightor1
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Thank you Chief Justice Roberts , along with your (4) four ' holier-than-thou ' Christian brethren ( Scalia , Thomas , Alito & Kennedy ) for your moronic affirming of unregulated plutocratic ...
by jps1
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The symbol for our Justice System is Lady Justice, a Greek Goddess, who symbolize fairness, justice, equity, the power to reason and vengeance. Lady Justice at a glance, is a symbol of blind ...
by Brick
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At this point it is becoming a broken record... another kid killed in St. Louis, Missouri. An off-duty city officer fatally shot a teenager who opened fire on him Wednesday night, police said. ...
by tecampbell
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Back in March of this year, 21 year old Greg Zullo was driving Route 7 in Wallingford. He was pulled over by State Trooper Lewis Hatch. Officer Hatch pulled Mr. Zullo over because his license ...
by Walter Einenkel
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