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It appears that this progressive long running program (TV and Radio simulcast) has provided a test of several aspects of their audience- attention, logical analysis and active participation among ...
by arodb
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Which is the worse scourge on society, bad math or bad meth? Lots of news sites are reporting a record drug bust in Sydney, Australia today. Here's an example of the piece from the AP Australian ...
by anon2008
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The Washington Post published a front-page article today on what they seem to think is the latest federal boondogle: . They lament that a new LED light bulb from Philips, that won the federal ...
by DCMike
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The Denver Post, today, on its editorial page, introduced the idea that the Colorado Budget was a problem. As part of the Op-Ed, they used an example about how Amendment 23 to the Colorado ...
by blindcynic
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[http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/14/us/politics/14web-stim.html This story leads] the New York Times website at this hour: Congress on Friday approved a $787 billion economic stimulus ...
by Seneca Doane
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So, the NYT has an op-ed up about how Hillary beats McCain, but McCain beats Obama. And they have ...
by DJ Adequate
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by elishastephens
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