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A COUPLE WEEKS AGO, on my BART commute home, I got distracted by my smart phone and accidentally got off one stop too soon. I realized my mistake just as the train doors were closing. D’oh! I ...
by mftalbot
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I am not feeling well, but from the request of Kossarian I respect I will make an attempt at passing along something extremely important in two elements: equality and leadership. They come in the ...
by paradox
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On June 21st, the Summer Solstice, I will announce my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives for the First District in the state of Ohio. The seat is currently held by Steve Chabot,
by jimprues
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First there was Rogoff and Rienhardt. Now Jason Richwine. I, for one, had thought that all research coming out of Harvard would be of the highest academic quality. But now I know that this is not ...
by cherrymapin
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For all the skeptics who were so sure doctors don't get kickbacks, and commented to that fact on my previous post , you might do well to pay close attention to the following headline. Newark, NJ - ...
by MetalMD
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Enjoying the many humorous, often sarcastic (rightly so) commentary on Republican response to SOTU speech, as well as the more complimentary assessments of the speech itself. Personally, I realized ...
by dannyboy1
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part 1: Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC, is one of the largest community colleges in the nation. It serves a very large and diverse population. Of its nearly 20,000 students, ...
by michaelhenderson
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Free Dr. Rafil Dhafir , a good hearted medical doctor, whose organization, Help the Needy , provided badly needed medical supplies and food to Iraqi children, over half a million of whom died under ...
by CIndyCasella
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Congratulations on being re-elected. This is Veterans Day and I am a Veteran. I am petitioning you, as you have requested, on this day to order the removal of all 68,000 active duty military from ...
by llbear
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The naked cynicism of Mitt Romney's campaign (and personal character) has been on view for months now. From flip-flop to Etch-a-Sketch to bald-faced lying, the press has tolerated his cynical ...
by Timothy L Smith
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I posted this diary to my blog today. I'm a photographer who shoots cycling for a living so all this is very close and personal for me. Eventually a lying Romney shows up late in the piece. If you'...
by VeloDramatic
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Work hard, believe in yourself, never compromise on what you know is right! Oh, yeah, Henry Rollins drops some wisdom on the young.
by LiveNudePolitics
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Job creators. Here's what I know about how its done, and some of it is fairly personal since I'm married to one who does it. I can claim no such distinction myself, being a one-man band plying my ...
by Timothy L Smith
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There are a lot of Scott Walker lies to choose from, but I have very subjectively selected what I consider his top 3. Here they are with explanations below the rejected orange Sealy Posturepedic logo:
by Giles Goat Boy
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I was getting some things out of my system by putting my feelings in writing. I did not actually send this message, but I was wondering if anyone thought it was feasible to actually think about ...
by Jordan Craters
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Yep, the propagandist machine has kicked into high gear. You have Mitt Romney purportedly spending " much quality time " with Ted Nugent (I would like to know how those two together could make a ...
by laserhaas
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I just found out this evening that today is Muhammad Ali's 70th birthday. I am re-posting this diary that I wrote only a ...
by JekyllnHyde
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BP Solar abandons solar power; Snark Alert: Milwaukee to sell naming rights for bridge to BP; Why are Britain's great art houses in bed with BP?; BP resumes charm offensive on Gulf Spill with more ...
by Yasuragi
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Your call, Daily ...
by Jim3K
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Does Boeing settlement mean NLRB's actions were for naught? Huh? What a dumb question. But ...
by Jim3K
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