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If the video below is to be believed, the brain trust over at pickapop.fr has trademarked the Anonymous logo. You know, the suit in front of the globe with the laurels and the question mark head? ...
by Xavier Onassis EMTP
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Maya Nieder is four years old. She is unable to speak. Maya uses an iPad app called Speak for Yourself (SfY) to communicate. Maya's mother, Dana Nieder, has described the usefulness and ...
by David Hume
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Today is the International Day Against DRM , proclaimed by DefectiveByDesign.org , a campaign of the Free Software Foundation, of which more below. Digital Rights Management is a big deal, and I ...
by Mokurai
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Intellectual Property protection appears to be one of Romney's current talking points not just in the trade relationship between the US and China, but in his plans for job creation. There is no ...
by Old Gray Dog
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Having taken a cyber crime class, the first thing I wanted to do with my newfound understanding and appreciation of the issues inherent in legislating and policing the internet is examine the ...
by Ms Pris
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The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit today has overturned a previous grant of summary judgment in YouTube's favor, and revived a billion-dollar lawsuit alleging intentional ...
by Adam B
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This week Ars Technica reported on the surprise targeting of website JotForm.com by the Secret Service , a story illustrating what's wrong with national policy in the internet era. User-generated ...
by LandruBek
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There has been a major firestorm the last 48 hours regarding the overtly political decision of the Susan G. Komen Foundation ...
by mconvente
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I am encouraged by the Internet community’s response to SOPA but we must appreciate that this is merely one more battle in the war between the Hollywood and Technology industries that began in the ...
by economy
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There has been much in the news the past few days on the take-down of Megaupload. The US government dropped a nuclear bomb on "cyberlocker" site Megaupload today, seizing its domain ...
by HeartlandLiberal
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Entertainment moguls like Leo Hindery (who ...
by kos
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Good luck finding a layman's explanation of what SOPA and PIPA actually do and how they do it. (You may not find it here either, but I'll take a stab at it.) Earlier this week, even the redoubtable ...
by TRPChicago
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Democratic ...
by Joan McCarter
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Cross-posted from Middle Class Political Economist .
by Kenneth Thomas
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Recently, I was visiting with a friend. He was very excited to show me a video about an amazing new virtual choir project. The video is 17 minutes and is well worth that time: http://www.ted.com/...
by elfling
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Rep. Lamar Smith The ...
by Joan McCarter
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Rep. Lamar Smith Well, here'
by Joan McCarter
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Rep. Paul Ryan (Jason Reed/Reuters)
by Joan McCarter
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Senate Majority Leader has promised ...
by Joan McCarter
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by Joan McCarter
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