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by Bcgntn
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Wall Street is sick. And its illness is Unchecked Greed. ... The bug is call OPM.
by jamess
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The Invisible Hand The Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. ...
by jamess
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Some of the Obama’s more incoherent detractors have labeled his health care plan as “socialized medicine.” It is assumed, naturally, that socialism is Bad (with a big B). While ...
by Inoljt
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There is one serious driving force behind opposition to the Obama Administration's push to implement a public health care option. It's not republicans, or conservatives, or people who rationally ...
by erratic
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In the economic current crisis the market is not the answer, the market is the problem. Forces endemic to the structure known as “Wall Street” and/or the Free Market ...
by Morton Montgomery
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Capitalism Encyclopedia Article - Encarta Throughout its history, but especially during its ascendency in the 19th century, capitalism has had certain key characteristics. First, ...
by jamess
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The association of entrepreneurial individuals who join and leave the community-at-large in pursuit of their own private goals and gain leads to unintended consequences and outcomes. Witness our ...
by Morton Montgomery
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After I wrote a few diaries on the failure of Capitalism, I was assured by the believers that I was wrong. The SEC was brought up as a reason why "good capitalism" (oxymoron?) would get us through ...
by don mikulecky
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Whose hand it it, anyway? (Please forgive how much of this diary is repetitive and over-explanatory to anyone who knows anything about the financial crisis. I simply wrote it in such a way as to ...
by zbbrox
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How should it be? It is neither a reasoning nor a reasonable creature. The Market Economy. Supply and Demand. The so-called "Free" Market Economy. All human inventions. All requiring human ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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What - no AstroGlide?
by occams hatchet
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I have written before about the fact that I see progressive issues or morality in just about everything I watch or read. Tonight’s diary is about the same experience from the financial pages ...
by BeninSC
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