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If you consider the amazing productivity of U.S. manufacturing, and the fact that labor is only a small part of Apple's total manufacturing costs, it becomes totally feasible for the company to ...
by ManufactureThis
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Thanks to those who suggested that I put some artwork up. Let's see if it works.
by agnostic
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This sponsor list looks as bad as the 'hold period.' But the hold period is over. And the list, frankly, looks like crap. It relies heavily on conservative's companies which have already said they ...
by kravitz
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I missed the last hour, where Media Matters picked this up. To paraphrase : The overturn of health care may mean college coeds may have to pay $1000 a year to have protected sex. Free birth control ...
by kravitz
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WABC AM 770 Tracking March 26 - First 90 Minutes. In New York, the big item was Tim Tebow talking about his great relationship with Mark Sanchez… Premiere's hold should now be off. The ...
by kravitz
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To paraphrase... How dare that guy get more sympathetic media attention than Rush Limbaugh! How dare the AP write such a despicable story about fuel efficient cars! How dare the media report ...
by kravitz
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by Mark Fiore
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Or at least he's trying to tell his listeners that Mitt will come around to their way of thinking, really he will. Not that Mitt will stay there, though. As previously noted, Rush has been trying to ...
by kravitz
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"It's not a boycott! It's a terrorist action!" said Mark Stevens to Stuart Varney on Fox Business. We know this because Rush, after not paying attention to his television, turned up the volume and ...
by kravitz
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Did you find the missi ng word? You of course know what word he won't say that follows that phrase. Yeah, the 'N' one. In one breath, Obama's too smart. Next, he's arrogant and ignorant. Dog ...
by kravitz
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Instead of constant media consumption devices, we need more ways to interact with the world. I see the benefits of social media, twitter, and portable computing, but we're not quite there yet. Maybe ...
by mattsky
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For my first diary I have thought about various topics and discarded them over the course of the last year or so, while feeling increasingly guilty about enjoying everyone else's diaries, but not ...
by pimutant
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Orb-Bits Game For years, I've hated programming. Oh, don't get me wrong. I like writing programs. Putting ...
by Mark Sumner
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WWSJD: What would Steve Jobs do? This is the question I asked myself after reading Walter Isaacson's authorized biography, Steve Jobs . It's no secret that the Apple co-...
by Liberal Outposts
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I bought one of those new iPads with the magical magnetic cover. During coffee time each morning, it is great for email, Kos, news, etc. But, I discovered the folded magnetic cover doesn't quite ...
by jim in IA
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OK. I've now discovered that I can't copy an entire text document from PlainText and paste it into Blogger. I just get a portion of it, when I'm able to do it. I don't like writing blog posts ...
by dadadata
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UPDATE: Looks like MacWorld is on the case. They may have solutions for those who have already been stricken Surprise! It turns out that there is ...
by AlyoshaKaramazov
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It's not unusual for government agencies to charge for FOIA requests. With multi-page documents, for example, it's typical to charge for printing costs. According to ...
by Dana Liebelson
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CNN is reporting that Apple.com confirms that its founder, Steven Jobs, has died. The legendary founder of Apple Computer has become an icon of American entrepreneurial genius, known to everyone ...
by HoundDog
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This is one of those stories that does most of the speaking ...
by david mizner
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