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Back again. More comparisons of how the show is doing. Some folks were a little too giddy for the wrong reason yesterday. They looked at the data (and one sentence in particular) then went a ...
by kravitz
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The only local paid advertiser left on Limbaugh's daily hatefest is a realtor named Erick Harpole who has Glenn Beck narrate his ad. It was on twice. There were also a couple of PSA's that had ...
by kbman
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I have been an active participant in the silencing of Rush Limbaugh. This site gives me information I need and the wings to fly places I would not have flown on my own. I want to thank all of you ...
by Reetz
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Funny to note that the ad right above my "welcome back" box is for Limbaugh advertiser Lear Capital. Three days ago I didn't even know they existed, now I despise them for supporting Rush's daily ...
by kbman
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In an interview that was posted almost exactly a year ago, WLS AM 890 General Manager, Michael Damsky, was interviewed on the Chicago Radio Spotlight blog and had this to say about carrying Rush ...
by prairiegirl
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We're trying to end his radio career. Rush has already laid the critical groundwork, I'm just helping with the follow-through. And, I'd love to have your help. You see, Rush is in a bit of a bind.
by kbman
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I just sent this to our local Rush affiliate under the title, BTW - did you notice that Rush threw you under the bus today? At the beginning of his show Rush was bragging about how no stations ...
by kbman
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We need to keep growing this movement against Rush. No letting things blow over as he is hoping will happen. Just yesterday I enrolled a few local MoveOn members to join in my calls. Instead of ...
by kbman
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Hi folks. I've been very much taking one for the team this week, listening to the Rush Limbaugh show each morning to identify local advertisers. Actually it hasn't been all that horrible. His ...
by kbman
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NOTE: I've used the tag "Rush's Local Advertisers", not knowing of any existing tags to track these kinds of diaries that follow the local radio broadcasts of the Rush Limbaugh Show to track who's ...
by PeteB2
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