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The Irish have always had the reputation for having the gift of gab. Irish come from a storytelling heritage. They love to talk, tell tall tales, sing, laugh at themselves and others, and just sit ...
by michelewln
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I do all my art on the computer now due to arthritis in my hands. My main programs are DAZ 4.5 for figures, Bryce 7.1 for putting it all together, Photoshop for small touchups, and Turbosquid for a ...
by michelewln
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When you think of Irish food the first thing that comes to mind is potatoes. Certainly the history of Ireland has one of its most tragic times during the Great Famine of 1845 to 1850 that saw the ...
by michelewln
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So here we are again approaching St. Patrick’s Day, that time of year when I find myself filled with ancestral pride. And also with burning fury at the little cabals of conservatives who believe ...
by fenway49
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SPOILER WARNING: A late night gathering for non-serious palaver that does not speak of that night's show. Posting a spoiler will get you brollywhacked. You don't want that to happen to you.
by sallym
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Many people know something about Ireland. We've read some books, seen a parade, had a few beers. We might have Irish blood or even have visited the 'ol sod a few times. But Ireland is more ...
by Crystal Ray
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As I’ve learned more about my ancestors I’ve also taken some time to follow the branches of the tree down, learning about their siblings’ descendants. I’ve come across some interesting ...
by fenway49
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Every day is a new day and with that, a new opportunity. EVERYONE is welcome and please join us each morning at 7:30 AM PACIFIC to tell us what you're working on, share your show & tell , vent, ...
by paradise50
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February 8 would be my grandfather's 100th birthday. I was going to post this one for the open thread on that date, and post something else this week. But I figured I'd go with the more cheerful ...
by fenway49
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This diary is much more personal and “straight” genealogy and family history, as compared to last week’s more political and sociological entry. Growing up I often heard the story that my ...
by fenway49
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In my first GFHC post last week, I explained how I found out only this year that my ancestry (which I thought to be 75% Irish Catholic and 25% Eastern European), also includes a long line of New ...
by fenway49
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This is going to be fairly short, because honestly this article has messed me up. However, I don't see it being mentioned on here, and feel like the story warrants wider attention. Dear fellow ...
by Praxxus
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What women may not know is that the term "left handed Irishman" is often used in a a derogatory context. In gaelic, the term is , in its most damning connotation, "citog" means stupid. Less severe, ...
by mcd
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There's a YouTube video of an exchange between Ireland's President Michael D Higgins and Tea Party-loving radio host Michael Graham from May 2010 on an Irish radio station that is already going ...
by hungrycoyote
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by thinkingblue
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This diary was triggered by a question someone raised about the number of Irish in police departments, and the clergy. I knew the issue was tied to the Irish potato famine, which ran from 1846 ...
by CT yanqui
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A dialect is simply a way of speaking at a particular location. All languages are bundles of dialects which vary by pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Just 165 years ago, most Irish people ...
by Ojibwa
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Former Irish leader Bertie Ahern and a slew of Irish politicians, have been excoriated by a Tribunal Report into corruption. The Judges found that he lied repeatedly in his sworn testimony about ...
by CitiZenJon
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Having just concluded another St Paddy’s Day, many folks are waking from an alcohol induced slumber. Cracking their eyes open having participated in the revelry of celebration of all things Irish. ...
by idbecrazyif
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On the day of St. Patrick millions of people from across the country will leave their homes dressed from head to toe in green, wave Irish flags and shout “Erin go bragh” (“Ireland Forever”) ...
by johnjgraff
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