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No one's talking about this, but it has huge potential. The FCC has nullified state regulations which limit local internet service--City's provision of high speed internet to their citizens, for ...
by Publius2008
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Apparently Tom Wheeler speaking at CES suggested ISPs will be regulated via Title II. http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/01/fcc-chair-broadband-must-be-25mbps-and-isps-are-failing-to-deliver/ ...
by Z51Xfire
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by hungeski
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The Good News: apparently the NSA doesn't yet have the know-how (or more likely the horsepower), to quickly crack our personal passwords. The Bad News: apparently the NSA wants this no-road-...
by jamess
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First off, I am just asking for "input/feedback" and not legal advice. I have some resources to find an attorney to use (and I will use them), but I like to be educated on stuff and I know many here ...
by webranding
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The Calyx Institute, founded by Nicholas Merrill, the first ISP exec to fight the Patriot Act's expanded police powers and win, is attempting to crowdsource the first ISP built with privacy in mind ...
by pneuma
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According to most press accounts, including Sen. Kerry's well-intentioned post, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals decision two weeks ago, overturning the FCC's Comcast Order , is a death knell ...
by K S LaVida
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The internet revolution changed the whole face of the media, but as Al Gore said in 2000, the Internet needs a major upgrade. Speed. Upload speed especially, = freedom. The more upload speed each ...
by fractal
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AKA: Problems with the Markey Net Neutrality bill, as written... I lay out some of the problems I have with the Markey Internet Freedom ...
by fractal
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This week I got an email from Verizon explaining that they are vastly limiting access to newsgroups. On June 24, 2008, we will be modifying our Newsgroup offerings to only offer ...
by Randolph06
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" Deep-packet" snooping by American and European ISPs may present a ...
by ohmproject
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I've spoken with a tech in charge of CodePink's web site, and now make an appeal to the DKos technical community. Techie foo below the fold.
by Randgrithr
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I live in a rural area and have fairly limited options for broadband Internet and ISPs as well. Shortly after settling in with the local ISP they migrated their e-mail over to Google mail; they ...
by KingBolete
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My ISP just got bought out, and they are dropping shell, and hence the wonderful MDA ( Mail D elivery A gent)/Spam Filter/Auto-responder/Email Swiss ...
by LunkHead
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by NYPragmatist
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by DrSpalding
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by robelicit
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