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Tonight, on a local PBS show with local stories, a rape/suicide that happened at University of Missouri over two years ago was brought up. That tweaked my interest as it'd been a long time for it ...
by Arianna Editrix
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Daily Kos folks, I know some of you are animal lovers so I'm asking for some support for Johnny, one of our rescues. Junkyard Johnny is a special kitty. He was rescued from a junkyard (hence the name)
by lizmugavero
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The Progressive Politics:Tennessee Style" (PPTS) has been investigating "The War on the Poor!" Of course, this week that war has made itself patently clear to all Americans. "Work, at the wages ...
by Bud Fields
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Just my take on the Republican way of looking at things. They do it with a lot noise and posturing, but in the end, I think they just hide from the real issues.
by Sorta Randle
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Not too long ago, Project Q Atlanta wondered publicly if the change in Georgia Democratic Party leadership would "bring a change to the Dems' marriage equality stance, too." Project Q Atlanta is a ...
by Andre in Atlanta
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Safety; What We Do When We Deny © copyright 2013 Betsy L. Angert empathyeducates Look to the left. Look to the "...
by Bcgntn
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Ohio's 8th Congressional District, represented by current House Speaker John Boehner. Hello, I'd like to reach out to any of you Kossacks from Ohio's 8th Congressional District or at least in the ...
by pipsorcle
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There are a lot of things that Kossacks do not agree on. With so many issues, a simple one dimensional line from conservative to liberal is a gross oversimplification. But there is a set of ...
by Thutmose V
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Am I the only one who sees parallels between Catholic bishops and Republicans ? The bishops have their annual meeting and they come up with this : BALTIMORE — The nation’s Roman Catholic ...
by varii
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It's over. Or is it? The election, which has been all-consuming for many of us for months, eclipsed work on issues. Now the election is over, let's get back to issues. There are so many, and of ...
by Melanie in IA
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"Listen to the Heartbeat" was a catchy jingle use in a Chevrolet ad campaign in the late 1980s. With Obama’s role in helping save is an appropriate theme to remember the Obama campaign, the theme ...
by ohiorobstephens
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I live in a state where Obama will win no matter what. However the neighboring state is in play and since I live on the border I am concentrating on in the other state. While there are many many ...
by scott t
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Originally posted at Voices on the Square , a new blog in the sphere featuring News, Information, and Fun! Howdy howdy howdy everybody! Yessir, it's Tuesday evening so you know what time it is! Yes,
by poligirl
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from the blurb at CNN's website: Who has a more specific plan to help the country? Before the Republican event, 45% thought Romney was more likely to have a clear plan, while only 39% felt the same ...
by teacherken
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When Nixon was in the midst of the Watergate investigation, Nixon refused to release tapes of Presidential conversations that Democrats believed would prove his guilt, and that republicans believed ...
by kurious
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I am inspired and encouraged every single day by the bravery of those I have met in the community of survivors here and elsewhere. As a result of the strength and courage of the young men who came ...
by Andrea D
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My comment on dcampbell’s post http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/06/26/1103409/-The-2012-elections-tragic-choices insulted my fellow Kossacks twice, and I have to apologize for it. What I ...
by CT yanqui
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Notice, this it not a GBCW dairy... But, I am going to say good bye to this website.... I've realized, that this is not the ideal website for me... as in for me, personally. This website is ...
by Poetic Mind
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I'm calling out the 9,000 Pound Elephant in the room at your Democratic Party meetings. Here in Georgia closeted Elephants have become skilled at their ploy. Yes I am talking about fake Democrats -
by Terence Dicks
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URGENT message from AFL-CIO Pres. Richard L. Trumka: Urgent: Congress is rushing to deregulate Wall Street. Pushing a cynically named “JOBS Act.” This bill could pass as early as Monday. To ...
by Terence Dicks
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