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Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Donald V. Latorraca recently sent a letter to a Dane County Circuit Court judge. He was answering some motions filed by my attorney that were recently argued in ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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On the same day his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama gave a speech to the Wisconsin Legislature praising American democracy and the freedom of expression, Wisconsin GovernEr Scott Walker’s ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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We won’t see muddy waters in and around northern Wisconsin’s Bad River anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean anyone clearly understands how Governor Walker’s plans will play out in the ...
by Pat Kreitlow
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Jed Lewison wrote a piece today about Mike White, the CEO of Rite-Hite industries, and his threat to his employees :
by Mark E Andersen
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Glorious late-in-the-day news, on the very day that the Democrats take the reins in the Wisconsin State Senate ! Yet another judge has issued a permanent injunction against the Walker/ALEC Voter ID ...
by AnnieJo
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In a desperate move to stall the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker's campaign activities when Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive, a defense attorney for one of the possible John Doe ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker ran a lot of television ads during the signature-gathering period of the recall effort against him. In the ads he claims that he did what he said he would do when he ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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by David Jarman
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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is feeling some heat as a Milwaukee County John Doe investigation targeting his campaign staff, political donors, and administration employees inches closer and ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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by David Nir
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Republican Attorney General JB VanHollen's request to withdraw his appeal of the TRO against publishing the "Budget Repair Bill" has been denied, with a seeming beyotch-slap. You might recall that ...
by invisiblewoman
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UPDATE #1: Just checked around, and found this story, ...
by AquaBreaker
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DOJ Voter intimidation in Wisconsin The Republican Attorney General in Wisconsin,
by BoBo2020
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As most Badger State Kossacks (and many others) are aware, our Republican tool of an Attorney General filed a lawsuit against ...
by North Central
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That is the exact headline on the Wisconsin Department of Justice home page. It's in the bottom right corner under "DOJ in the News". This must be important,
by Giles Goat Boy
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Update : WisPolitics piece at http://www.wispolitics.com/index.iml?Article=138219. Contradicting his earlier claims that "(there was no discussion with anybody involved in ...
by MAL Contends
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Many here are familiar with the attempts by Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to scrub the voter logs of thousands of legitimate entries before the November election. He is the co-chair of ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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Wisconsin residents can help defeat the caging scheme of J.B. Van Hollen, the ultra-partisan Wisconsin Attorney General, by writing letters to the editors of local newspapers. We are all familiar ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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Update: See http://malcontends.blogspot.com/2008/09/van-hollens-voter-suppression-set-to.html, Van Hollen's Voter Suppression Set to Fail Voter suppression is a civil rights issue. As the ...
by MAL Contends
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Wisconsin AG, JB Van Hollen, wants to hassle up to 1 million newly registered voters. Of course, he's a Republican and the state Co-chair of the John McCain Campaign but he insists this is a matter ...
by StephanM
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