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Yeah, the headline is not the Onion. But anyway, James Watson, one of the discoverers of DNA is pleading poverty. You see, ever since his odious racism became public knowledge, no one really wants ...
by terrypinder
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Capitalists Attempt to Commodify the Products of Nature: Freedom, Privacy, Women’s Rights and Human Misery There are two important concepts in leftist social theory, perhaps the most important, ...
by Nathan Jaco
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Topics: BP spill may lead to criminal charges: Prudhoe Bay Spill, Did BP violate its Alaska probation? Federal trial begins in Anchorage, BP Pipeline Rupture May Force It to Pay More for 2006 Spill, ...
by peraspera
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I am currently researching an article that I am writing for work that involves genetics. I already knew about Crick and Watson, two scientists awarded the Nobel prize in 1962 partly for ...
by CatM
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James Watson, along with Francis Crick, is the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. Never mind that they failed to adequately acknowledge the essential contributions to their “discovery”
by zwerlst
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I was reading an interesting article on AlterNet discussing the ramifications of DNA and race. You would think that in 2007, we would have gotten ...
by Forgiven
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I really get it, Watson's comment about Africa, blacks. Gays can be aborted if we know our kid's gay gene or may turn to be gay was what he said long-time ago, but uproar never happened. Being anti-
by Dem Soldier
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Welcome to the Overnight News Digest. Top Stories Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei , the director general of ...
by Magnifico
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We all should know who Dr. James Watson is. Along with Dr. Francis Crick and the less acknowledged Dr. Maurice Wilkins, they shared ...
by agentcooper
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