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Harold Meyerson has a column in today's Washington Post Opinion pages: Today’s GOP is the party of Jefferson Davis, not of Lincoln Though incendiary, it is a remark I've heard made before, but ...
by subir
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It's long past time to value every life equally. I can't tell you what it's like to be black in America today. I can't tell you what it feels like to watch young black people be killed because of ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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"South Carolina is at war with this federal government and this administration," is what Rick Perry, and not Jefferson Davis, told a wildly-cheering debate audience in my current hometown of Myrtle ...
by Tortmaster
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The City Council off Memphis voted 9-0 Tuesday to approve temporary new names for three parks that honored the the Confederacy. The former names were Forrest Park, Confederate Park and Jefferson ...
by Steven D
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President Obama's gun control proposals have predictably�and disturbingly�spawned protests with names like "Gun Appreciation Day" and the Feb. 23 "Day of Resistance." But with their bills calling ...
by Jon Perr
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The life of President Abraham Lincoln is now venerated legend. The legacy and history of the first and only President of the Confederacy, however, is not so well known. Jefferson Davis was ...
by cabaretic
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Interesting story in the May issue of Harper's , about the rebuilding of the Jefferson Davis "Presidential Library" in Biloxi, Mississippi, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Many ...
by RobLewis
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In the wake of diaries by JayinPortland, Jewish Teens ...
by Navy Vet Terp
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by CityLightsLover
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Secession Sesquicentennial - Say that three times fast 150 years ago tomorrow, the State of South Carolina announced their intentions to secede from the Union, struck up the band, and started ...
by Renzo Gasolini
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The media establishment needs to quit kidding themselves - Rand Paul is representative of the Republican party.
by VotingTeamster
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Haley Barbour has an interesting history of winking at racism. A little noticed 2004 incident highlights it. In light of all this, and the new radical twist that the Sons of Confederate Veterans ...
by harto
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The cool thing to do these days if you’re in a state legislature is to ...
by NextTenWords
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I offer a haiku "in honor" of our favorite Gov. Demagogue: Palin's wailin' North "I am the GOP Queen! Brains don't mean jack $hit!" On this date in 1861, Jefferson Davis was elected ...
by CityLightsLover
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Cross-Posted at my blog (new address) . The party of Lincoln nominated a secessionist for Vice President? Somewhere in Springfield, the ...
by The Bagof Health and Politics
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We keep hearing of how the Republicans are the party of the south, and will take those morals and values to the whole country. We see bigots like George Allen take up the mantle, and Trent Lott ...
by nathanrudy
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by joegarcia
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by Unitary Moonbat
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