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Just opened an email from Wasserman reporting this. Hoping it's not too late to perk up South FL vote. (It's now 2am so I'm not publishing this until about 7am Sunday morning so it will find an ...
by auapplemac
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Ok, I am now going to say what I believe at least 85% of American Jews believe deep down, and I say this as a Jewish American. “Jewish Republican” is an oxymoron. Yes, there are those who ...
by Mitchell4a
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Uploaded with ImageShack.us A few days ago, the Jewish Daily Forward wrote a terrific article about Jewish Congresswoman Shelley Berkley's (D) race to unseat incumbent Senator, Dean Heller (R). ...
by poopdogcomedy
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As Mitt Romney begins his excellent adventure in Israel, it's worth noting the many advantages he enjoys over his former Republican rivals when it comes to courting Jewish voters. For starters,
by Jon Perr
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With the bombastic and hawkish "pro-Israel" rhetoric streaming from the mouths of the GOP candidates, some worry that swaths of Jewish voters may abandon President Obama in the 2012 election. However,
by David Harris Gershon
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Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist In 2012 Republicans continue to ratchet up the false attacks and false meme's regarding Jews leaving the ...
by volleyboy1
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In 1998, I moved to Israel to study at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer-Sheva. I had two Israeli and one Bedouin roommates in the quad apartment I shared, and a girlfriend of Persian-...
by Canis Aureus
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Well, we won. Big time. Obama even won Virginia (which didn't surprise me at all), North Carolina (which I am not TOO surprised at) and Indiana (which DID surprise me). Obama even won one ...
by mole333
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I just got this from a friend in e-mail, and thought I'd pass it on. It's a professionally done piece wherein Israelis of all political stripes are shown supporting Barack Obama because they know he'
by Baron Dave
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There's a diary here today that found right-wing bloggers are still buying into the all of the bogus fear-mongering about Obama, ...
by FischFry
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Thomas B. Edsall has written an incredibly comprehensive article for Huffington Post. It is titled "...
by Rian Fike
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Jesse Jackson made some anti-zionists comments and now CNN is running them under "Obama takes hit for Jackson comments". This has the potential of scaring off the jewish vote. According to CNN, ...
by savova
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Just saw this hosted at The Page and had to draw attention to it. In essence, Sarah Silverman is urging Jewish grandchildren everywhere ...
by dansac
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Three major financial institutions shipwrecked this week, leading to a meltdown in the markets. Was anyone surprised? Many of us saw this coming months ago. The longer you have failed Republican ...
by mole333
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Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is heading for the dustbin of history. The scandal-plagued Israeli leader has just announced he won't seek re-election and will turn over the Prime Ministership ...
by ProfessorDavid
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There falls yet another myth about the problems Obama will supposedly have among a particular sector of the population:
by John Campanelli
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...not so much. There's an interesting nugget in the Quinnipiac Florida Poll today regarding the Jewish vote. As we know, the rethugs have been pushing the meme that Obama has a "perceived" ...
by tommytutone
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This caught my eye. Ben Smith at Politico reports that Hillary Clinton will spend election night at Baruch ...
by ChrisG7
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From some of the same group that couldn't vote straight in 2000, comes folks who can't think straight in 2008. Many in the Jewish community in the southeast counties of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach,
by Paleo
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by jefffromthenjdc
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