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The McCain - Fox News - Republican attack on the Obama Administration and Susan Rice in particular is American politics, and media "he said / she said" coverage at its very worst.
by rablrouzer
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Jihadi 'racial hatred': Forsane Alizza - Mohammed Merah: French "Jewish school massacre." March 19, 2012 A racist[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] Arab-Muslim murders a Rabbi and 3 children ...
by BadawiOut
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On Monday, GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney blasted President Obama's open mic comment to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he'll have more "flexibility" to deal with issues like missile defense ...
by Jon Perr
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The Menace of Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran: its ideology, its actions and threats Contents 1 DANGEROUS IDEOLOGY: WORLD DOMINATION / THREATENING ...
by PastoraLisa
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by Mark Fiore
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by EricAllenBell
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I have written about the discipline of the American Mafia in the past, a subject that has fascinated me since I had lunch in a restaurant in Chicago on Harlem Ave. where mobster Sam Giancana was ...
by NastyJack
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The Islamic Jihad [carried out mostly by Saudi Arabs] massacres (around) 3,000 innocent people in the U.S. - al-Qaeda's Bin Laden admits to the ...
by theTruthTeller
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Poor sad pathetic Rick (the P is silent) Santorum. Santorum, a 2012 Republican Presidential candidate, has now said that the LGBT community has, “gone out on a jihad,” on him. I don’t think ...
by TheSolipsisticMe
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This story originally appeared at TomDispatch.com Could ...
by TomDispatch
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by EricAllenBell
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In this age of terrorism and extremism, certain words have been co-opted from mainstream Islam for use by the extremists, and that co-opting has led to misuse of the words by the mainstream media, ...
by downsouth
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Yes, I know this is not even news to anyone following the war against al-Qa'ida and their allies, but the US set them up to get evidence, and more than once bomb factories have been moved after the ...
by Danjuma
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I've come to expect tone-deaf commentary from OneNewsNow, the online "news" service of the American Family Association. But one of the silliest I've seen so far is in the latest column by Michael ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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It doesn’t look like anything can possibly happen before year’s end that eclipses the media attention received by the finding and killing of Osama Bin Laden—and we are sure to endure several ...
by Ryan Brooke
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My client, "Rahim", has proclaimed his disavowal of Islam and applied for asylum in the United States on a theory that if Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan got word of his apostasy, they ...
by Barzileel
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It is odd to watch Washington's current obsession (and our own, sad to say) with powder-actuated language. The media (and we) are parsing every Republican utterance for any reference to firearm-...
by Crashing Vor
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"How is it that judicial approval is required when the United States decides to target a U.S. citizen overseas for electronic surveillance, but ... judicial scrutiny is prohibited when the ...
by Daphne Eviatar Human Rights 1st
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The violent Jihadi Islamic Revolution - Mullahcracy, (enabled - indirectly - through Jimmy Carter) has been responsible not only in the ruthless oppression of millions of its citizens, but on peoples,
by PlayA
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by EricAllenBell
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