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When Sharyl Attkisson left CBS over her flagrant insertion of conservative political bias into the stories she covered, she might have tried to rehabilitate her decaying reputation by affiliating ...
by News Corpse
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The NY Times reports on the 2015 exercise in GOP madness known as the Iowa Caucuses. The fact that their prime promoter is Iowa Congressman Steve King, is a good indicator of just how seriously ...
by dweb8231
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Yes, an Eggplant Could Get Elected in South Carolina, as long as it goes on the ballot with an 'R' next to its name. Here you go, South Carolina! Your next Republican public 'servant!'
by BeninSC
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As most of you know, I live in a very difficult state for Democrats. All the best possibilities for Democrats are elsewhere, this election cycle, so I have been surprised to see the level of ...
by BeninSC
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Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) is one of those southern gents who hitched his wagon to the TEA Party Express and woke up one morning a United States Congressman. And his admiration for himself has only ...
by BetteNoir
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Rich " Sparkle Pants " Lowry, National Review editor, Fox News contributor and President emeritus of the Sarah Palin Fan Club , seems bent on proving how strict adherence to a paleo-...
by BetteNoir
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"My only regret is that Mitt Romney wasn't able to lower my tax rate." Looks like former ...
by Jed Lewison
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I think today we should all remember that on January 20, 2009 (inauguration day) GOP House Leaders & GOP Senators plotted to sabotage the US Economy along with failed candidate for President, Newt ...
by keepemhonest
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I think we should all remember that on January 20, 2009 (inauguration day) GOP House Leaders & GOP Senators plotted to sabotage the US Economy with Newt Gingrich and GOP Propaganda Minister Frank ...
by keepemhonest
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James De Mint says conservatism freed the slaves during the civil war, and not government action . Here's some visuals on what conservatism did for South Carolina in a few short years, with ...
by Cartoon Peril
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Jim DeMint, noted professor of history and respected race relations theorist, puts out his theory on the end of slavery : "Well the reason that the slaves were eventually freed was the Constitution,
by thereisnospoon
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DeMented. Former South Carolina senator Jim DeMint, who left government in order to spend more time with other people's money, has some curious notions about American slavery, the Civil War and the ...
by Hunter
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AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka As Republicans continue to block a minimum wage increase, the president of the AFL-CIO has challenged the president of the Heritage Foundation ...
by Laura Clawson
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The Heritage Foundation once the brain trust of the Republican party has been on life support for several months now, finally someone pulled the plug. Discrimination = Freedom Even the founders ...
by LaFeminista
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Heritage Foundation president and former Sen. Jim DeMint The Heritage ...
by Laura Clawson
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Welcome to the 6-part series on how the Tea Party has impacted America for the worse in the past 5 years. We're now on the 2nd part of the series: the faces of the movement who damaged America for ...
by JGibson
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Jim Demint's Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) is going after McConnell pretty hard, hoping for Matt Bevin, Tea Party challenger and more-conservative RWNJ. Political Wire The video, with transcript,
by blue aardvark
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by poopdogcomedy
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Received this e-mail today from decorated Admiral, former Congressman and current U.S. Senate candidate, Joe Sestak's (D. PA) campaign, regarding Tea Party Senator Pat Toomey's (R. PA) recent vote ...
by poopdogcomedy
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Well after hearing a rather upbeat SOTU speech last night, all five of these Conservative "leaders," somehow all simultaneously came up with a brand new derogative label for President Obama. All of ...
by jamess
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