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They all belong in political wilderness in my not-so-humble opinion but that would be too short a diary. So... In his blog post The Multi-Ring Republican Nomination Circus , Chris Weigant sorts ...
by Mopshell
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The Virginia Republican Party's personal monument to failure, former Governor Jim Gilmore, has not abandoned his unique talent for spewing idiocy. From the Daily Press'
by Arjun Jaikumar
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Change is good The upside to a political death spiral Lord knows we here at The Odd Dominion have had our fun with the pugilistic powerbrokers of the Virginia GOP. We&
by Hard Left
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The Warner campaign announced today that ...
by Terry Carter
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Rural and white working class communities have not been immune to the sting of the burgeoning U.S, criminal justice system.
by appalachia
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The Gilmore Gaffes The GOP's would-be Warner-slayer makes a killer boo-boo Political pop quiz #314: Let’s say you’re a former governor of Virginia who has ...
by Hard Left
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OK, we knew Republican Senate candidate Jim Gilmore was in serious electoral trouble, given that he trails by 20-30 points in every poll, and has about a tenth of the cash of his Democratic ...
by Arjun Jaikumar
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Well, well, well, Jim Gilmore and his staff are at it again. Accusing Mark Warner of being a liar is about all his campaign has in its arsenal. That’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle ...
by jimwhite
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The Virginia Republicans are actually saying that Jim Gilmore has a chance to be the next Senator from the Commonwealth. Delusional as this seems, they have focused their attention on 3 talking ...
by jimwhite
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Quote, Unquote Who says politicians never say anything interesting? Well here we are, drifting into the inevitable, boring halftime show of the interminable political ...
by Hard Left
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That is what Jim Gilmore says on his Senate Campaign's Official Blog. Just more of the same drivel he keeps spouting that has no basis whatsoever in fact. From the U.S. Geological Surveys own ...
by jimwhite
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June Update Senate gains looking solid. Dems have a lot of work to do to go from solid gains of 4-5 seats to huge gains of 7-9 seats. Current Senate: 49 Dems, 1 Socialist, 1 Lieberman, 49 GOP.
by optimist
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Mark Warner, in the blowout sensation of the season, is now beating Jim ...
by kos
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I know, I know...it's not likely, but a brother can dream can't he? Following up on my post from yesterday and incorporating some of the suggestions/corrections from the comments made there, let'...
by charlie kennedy
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Governor’s Ball The epic battle of the one-term wonders You know, if we could pilot the political way-back machine to 1851 and change just one thing about ...
by Hard Left
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Who would have thought that Virginia could have two Democratic Senators? Based ...
by CrazyDrumGuy
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The continuing decline in the US economy finds me hybernating earlier & longer each year. Nazi George can't drive Bid Laden FROM a cave, but he can sure drive the American people INTO them. I just ...
by mac2151
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Candidate Jim Gilmore continues his impossible task of rewriting the record of his term as Governor.
by Paradox13
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Rasmussen has released today a poll from Virginia on the senate race and on head-to-head races for president. Senate numbers: Warner 53 Gilmore 38 These are the same results as the ...
by hilltopper
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For Virginia Democrats, things just seem to go from good to better. According to Not Larry Sabato , the right-wing ...
by RandySF
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