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Jim Hightower is an outspoken advocate for the Powers That Ought To Be, not The Powers That Be. He is a populist progressive, and a funny, irreverent thorn in the side of the powerful. He says ...
by 2laneIA
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IT is almost here. I've waited a year for IT and now I can hardly hold still. A dark year of being surrounded by conservatives at work, on the ...
by Sand Hill Crane
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by maggiejean
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Bill Moyers Journal , aired his last show on April 30th 2010 as he goes into a well deserved retirement after many years of ...
by jimstaro
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Blue Dog Jane Harman has been doing everything possible to avoid bumping into Marcy Winograd, much less debating her . But during the recent California Democratic Convention, at the meeting ...
by CatJab
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This is my first attempt to write a diary for this venue. While I have made a living writing on behalf of my clients or for publication, it is normal for one to be timid and uncertain when ...
by Trenz Pruca
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Many of the top heavyweights in the progressive cause will gather together on Friday & Saturday, September 11th and 12th, for the "Fighting Bob Fest." The event is named, of course, for the late ...
by fflambeau
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On May 1st and 2nd, the magazine The Progressive is holding its 100th Anniversary Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. All of ...
by Patrick Crowley
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TX-04 - Glenn Melancon - . Glenn is running against Old Man Winter himself, Ralph Hall. Ralph decided after 12 terms and 24 years in Congress and ...
by alpolitics
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Taking Back The Values Debate Jim Hightower on Grasping Greed Every morning I can't get out of bed until I've heard Jim Hightower on my local NPR radio station. It's�my ...
by WhatAre Progressive Values
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The great Texas progressive Jim Hightower was occasionally urged to moderate his insistence on fundamental change. His response was a classic of disdain. “The only things in the ...
by slangist
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And to think I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to be like Carl Bernstein and Bob Wooodward; I wanted to be like Max Robinson and David Brinkley. Instead, all I've seen the past few months (
by Abacab
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Within the past month I put forth 19 polls with 15 candidates each to figure out who you guys want in an Obama cabinet.
by Sven at My Silver State
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With the Obama Veepstakes poll now concluded and Gov. Bill Richardson as your chosen running mate (which was covered by ...
by Sven at My Silver State
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In yesterday's poll something happened which I haven't seen done in such an obvious and blatantly stupid way in any other poll before. The voting on the next Sec. of the Interior was pretty much done,
by Sven at My Silver State
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I just came back from the Michigan Policy Summit , and boy am I excited! The summit included keynotes by Amy Goodman of Democracy NOW! ...
by ScottyUrb
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After yet another ABC fiasco in last night's debate, I was again reminded of the ridiculous job this network has done in any respect as a journalistic enterprise since the time Disney took over the ...
by wmtriallawyer
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Swim against the Current: Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the ...
by Susan Gardner
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Lost in all the hyperventilation over pledged and "super" delegates is a more ominous reality. If you are still obsessed about delegate counting, the most states won argument and the virtues of ...
by Texasblue
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The news that my political mentor, Jim Hightower, is endorsing Obama hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. And in a ...
by wmtriallawyer
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