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President Carter, 90 years young, has had to return to the USA from election monitioring overseas because he is not feeling well. Let's all send prayers and positive vibrations to this man of Peace.
by howardpark
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According to International Business Journal, former President Jimmy Carter said he raised 'zero' money in donations during his 1976 run against the current President Gerald Ford, who also ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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This is a roundup of news related to Palestine with a particular focus on grassroots action and peaceful civil disobedience in the Occupied Territories and within the borders of Israel proper. We ...
by subir
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For most of his life, Jimmy Carter has been an advocate for human rights. In 1982, one year after leaving the Oval Office, the former US President and his wife Rosalynn Carter, founded ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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by LamontCranston
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Does anyone really believe a handshake between President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro heralds a new positive direction for American foreign policy that will actually benefit the people in ...
by PeterBalesHistoryTales
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Hi folks. Christine is taking a sick day this week - get well soon! So, this week is a group effort. Many thanks to ramara and elenacarlena for collecting links. We can really use some ...
by Tara the Antisocial Social Worker
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Since sometime in the summer of 2009, we've been hearing that President Obama has "historically low approval ratings." Is that true? Well, he has, recently and briefly, fallen below 40% approval in ...
by OutOnALimb
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Republicans have long pushed the idea of putting Ronald Reagan on a US coin. The dime was suggested but that went nowhere because it would have meant replacing FDR and the March of Dimes theme that ...
by quaoar
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Thirty-five years ago today, on February 24, 1980, the United States hockey team defeated Finland, 4-2, to capture the gold medal in the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, delivering a much-needed lift to ...
by Richard Riis
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Former President Jimmy Carter appeared on the Jon Stewart Daily Show this past Monday. Carter, who is a peace advocate, ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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It is the final week of the temporary schedule, next week The Nightly Show will follow The Daily Show and I can't wait. Tonight's guest on The Daily Show is President Jimmy Carter . The ...
by pgm 01
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Move over Jimmy Carter.
by thefarleftside
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2014 is on its way out, and what a strange year it was. The low points aren't hard to find: the killing spree by misogynist Elliot Rodger, the celebrity nude photo hacking (and the endless victim-...
by Tara the Antisocial Social Worker
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In 1979, a junior diplomat at the State Department named John Graham negotiated a deal with Cuba whereby Castro would use his good relationship with Iran to get the American hostages freed. Graham ...
by RobLewis
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It's not too late to impeach Obama, so thanks for making this available to the House Judiciary Committee, who never in a million years could have come up with something this substantive on their own.
by TrueBlueMajority
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Already getting outrage from this Presidential wannabe clown: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/marco-rubio-obama-worst-negotiator-alan-...
by poopdogcomedy
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I'm not entirely certain why I got a recent piece of mail "From the Desk of Steve Forbes;" most desks of my acquaintance are apolitical. The Desk of Steve Forbes apparently wants me to sign ...
by xaxnar
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Obama acknowledged we tortured detainees, but instead of prosecuting anyone, we just moved along. You'd think the intelligence community would be grateful, but they repaid him by totally missing the ...
by Andrew Lazarus
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I accuse certain elements in our mainstream media of deliberately creating mass confusion concerning what is true and what is not, through broadcasting some shows that have reasonable credibility, ...
by ej heinemann
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