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Hey everybody. Kind of a downer here at Camp Camping at the new temp job. Boring even. I sold my Left Behind video games and Amy Grant CDs when I had the huge Rapture yard sale last week when I sold ...
by esby
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by esby
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This is one very funny Jimmy Kimmel clip. Reflecting on the domination of the news by the killing of OBL, there was this zinger If you're a politician looking to have a little public ...
by illinifan17
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I live very near the struggling, small northern Michigan town of Bellaire. Despite our small size, a personal hero of mine-- Michael Moore, has debuted here, in the United States, anyway, two of his ...
by John Gannon
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I've been so busy lately, but I wanted to make sure you had the chance to see what the various late-night comedians had to say about our historic election a few weeks ago!
by ScottyUrb
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Five days from their first presidential debate, Democrat Barack Obama has climbed in the polls as Republican John McCain fumbled his response to a looming US economic cataclysm - one that threatened ...
by Election2008USA
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You know, some of us are really serious about the future of our country and we think our political leadership is going to have the biggest role in whether things continue to deteriorate or they will ...
by BooMan23
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I know the diary rules, but after seeing Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Obama tonight via Raw Story, just wanted to share the fun. Watch all the way through and you'll get to see Obama's first fist ...
by begone
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We've all seen Sarah Silverman on Jimmy Kimmel tell the world she's fucking Matt Damon ((youtube WLG3S5WzHig))
by Bidabunch
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Ben Affleck. And all of Hollywood is celebrating their video love story -- Don Cheadle, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Lance Bass... Which of, course raises the question: Who's funnier? And why?
by Bartimaeus Blue
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I know, I know, it's primary season. It's time for us to tear down everyone who would DARE to vote against our candidate. We require diary after diary of building up our candidate, tearing ...
by rage
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Let's start from a YouTube of Hillary Clinton doing David Letterman's Top Ten list last week:
by ScottyUrb
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by angel66
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