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Hello there. You can call me "Nobody", and I happened to be in the Forest one day last year. I was unemployed and wandering around where I was not supposed to be...all by myself....deeper and ...
by corazonroto
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My life is coming apart at the seams. A combination of depression, bad decisions, and other circumstances not the least of which has been acting as caregiver for an HIV+, transgender, schizzophrenic ...
by JTinDC
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Believing in the classic American Dream that hard work will deliver prosperity is like believing that buying super lottery tickets is a smart way to become wealthy. Both are delusional beliefs ...
by Joelsmartguy
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How many times have you wanted to laugh when you've overheard Republicans talk amongst themselves? Plenty? I have on numerous occasions. One such topic I hear them discuss is unemployment benefits. ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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During his presidency and after, George W. Bush was often criticized as the "
by Jon Perr
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So the GOP's petulance has come to this. Opposition by House Republicans to any payroll tax cut extension began to fade last ...
by Jon Perr
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When Americans who are the most victimized by our cruel economy still believe in something that is demonstrably no longer true, they are deeply delusional. They desperately want to believe in ...
by Joelsmartguy
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There are polls on Congress, the President, and government in general everywhere, coming out on almost a daily basis. They reflect a rabid distrust in the system that runs our country and that is ...
by NastyJack
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An interesting theme has developed among many of those considered to be on the left side of the pundit class over the past 72+ hours, and it is thus: There are many legitimate reasons why #
by bobswern
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I really want to call them media whores, but...anyway they sold out 97% of us last night, imo. In this video, I capture them tossing out Red Meat to the GOP to insure The Jobs Bill will be Dead on ...
by War on Error
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To mark Labor Day 2011, conservative flame-thrower Michelle Malkin offered American workers ...
by Jon Perr
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Roughly 18 months ago I attended an interesting meeting in New York City at the offices of a major progressive funder. We had been brought together for a brainstorm on what it might look like to ...
by clenchner
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Two pieces appearing in the MSM today, by Robert Reich (β€œ[http://robertreich.org/post/5993482080 The Truth About the American Economy]”) and Paul Krugman (β€œ[http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/30/...
by bobswern
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While 25 million unemployed and underemployed U.S. workers are drowning, CEO pay skyrocketed by 23 percent, for an average salary of $11.4 million in 2010, according to ...
by Tula Connell
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This is "The Unemployment Chronicles", a soon-to-be group-blog at DK4 to help unemployed folks find work or other means of income during this unemployment crisis/catastrophe/disaster, and keep their ...
by tmo
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Traditionally, now is a season of joy and hope. For millions of Americans, however, it's been another very rough year. Last year at this time, there were 15.4 million Americans officially ...
by Meteor Blades
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Yesterday, I just finished a 2-mile run at the city park close to my house, and was waiting in line at the local grocery store. I had all the delicious nutrients of a Naked juice in hand at the cash ...
by Free Chicken and Beer
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I want to clarify something about the purported "unemployment extensions" being negotiated by the WH and Republicans in return for capitulating on Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. There are no new UI ...
by Frisbeetarian
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It takes just three minutes to slam the door shut on any argument behind congressional Republicans'
by Mike Hall
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I read on Bloomberg that President Obama is considering a visit to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to try and encourage "ourtreach to CEOs" and prove that he isn't "anti-business." For real? The U.S. ...
by Free Chicken and Beer
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