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I'll let the man speak for himself: And then just say, thank you for sharing Mr Wurzelbacher.
by gravlax
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We all know that Joe the Plumber removed any doubt of how loathsome a man he is when he crassly told the victims of the Santa Barbara shooting that their kids' deaths didn't trump his right to carry ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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In the ever changing wingnut welfare funded tag team event that is America's Most Poisonous Pundit a few names dominate the ring. Rush "Jabber The Gut" Limbaugh wobbles around like some bile spewing ...
by Dave The Sandman
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by Vlad's Dog Re-posted here from Newsvine, with permission of the author.
by midgebaker
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Dear Joe: Your wantonly cruel statement about the deaths of those young people in CA. leads me to steal an approach from Winston Churchill as a comment. Today. I am angry and sad about gun deaths. ...
by ATexican
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This post is not about gun control or the insane rantings of "Joe the Plumber" which have been covered exhaustively on Daily Kos. No this is about the enabling media frenzy that feeds ever more ...
by Vegas Dave
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As we all know, Samuel "Joe the (not really a) Plumber" Wurtzelbacher displayed his fine sense of subtlety and decorum earlier in the week with his response to Elliott Rodger's murder of 7 people (...
by Oliver Tiger
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You may remember that Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher had the gall to tell the victims of the Santa Barbara shooting that "your dead kids don't trump my constitutional rights." When Erica ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Well thank you Joe the Plumber. That's who gave us this treat of a quote that is the headline of this diary. It didn't take them long this time, did it? This is the sort of thing that makes you ...
by JBtakenote
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He's a republican. Few things show the True Republican Hatred of Commoners more than Joe's gun rights over dead kids comment. People wonder how Joe can say such a thing: it is easy to grasp when ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Well, here's a name we haven't heard from in a while. Apparently it's been far too long since Joe the (fake-ass) Plumber has received any real media attention, so he's decided to grab some for ...
by jawillie
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His 15 minutes are over, but he apparently does not realize it. He's written an open letter to the parents of the victims of the mass shooting in California. I do not think that he has done ...
by Rashaverak
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So that one guy not named Joe who isn’t a plumber just couldn’t resist butting in to remind us all he’s, sadly, still here to kick around. What the fucking fuck, dude? Is your fifteen ...
by keirdubois
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He really said it . In an open letter published Tuesday on the website Barbwire, Wurzelbacher went out of his way to explain to the victims' parents that the deaths won't undermine his "...
by BruinKid
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From time to time, Republican Party leaders are forced to remind their candidates that they are living in the 21st century. In early 2008, the GOP got diversity training in preparation for ...
by Jon Perr
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If you are not aware, Joe the Plumber took an UAW job. Of course the job pays well above the minimum wage and has great benefits. Will Joe the union basher (who said he had no choice in joining the ...
by Willtwain
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The wingnut welfare must have run out for the man who became famous as "Joe the Plumber." Samuel Wurzelbacher, his real name, has had to get a job that involves something other than performing the ...
by Laura Clawson
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Republicans seemed to go a bit more bonkers than usual this weekend. Here's my round-up of all the crazy I could find from them. NC State Senator Bob Rucho tweets ...
by The Big E
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Famous Republican Men with Small ...
by jonsnow74
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We've all be consumed by the GOP-motivated government shutdown, it's sometimes hard to remember that there's a US Senate race next Wednesday in New Jersey to replace the departed 5-term Senator ...
by djsands
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