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A slew of Republican Congressmen have announced that they will retire after this term.
by alpolitics
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While a real tsunami is happening in Hawaii, John Linder gives lie to the claims of a Republican political tsunami in 2010. Linder becomes the 20th member of the House GOP to retire. He announced ...
by etatauri
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Crossposted from our Main Street blog. Two things that are going to ...
by Laura at Working America
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From TPM - Here's John Linder's (GA-07) Hoffman endorsement ...
by alpolitics
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First, the story itself. From the invaluable mediamatters.org Progressivism and its ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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by jayskew
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Pretty interesting observation from CQ Politics . Four veterans, three of whom fought in Iraq, are all running as ...
by BruinKid
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The Mother of All Dumb Ideas By David Glenn Cox We’ve all had dumb ideas in our past and I don’t exempt myself from this. I once threw Gunk engine degreaser on the floor to ...
by Daveparts
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It was great to see that polling done in Kentucky recently, posted on the front page yesterday by mcjoan , shows that folks in the ...
by aggressiveprogressive
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by RBH
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by Love in 2024
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