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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is like Christmas morning for the political corruption fan! CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) [http://www.crewsmostcorrupt.org/node/2132 just ...
by Seneca Doane
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It's bad enough that yesterday's recommended list had a couple diaries taking swats at cowardly Democrats who won't follow through with long term party goals and pass health care reform. First off, ...
by YucatanMan
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Last night the House Ethics Committee announced that it was conducting a preliminary inquiry into the now defunct PMA lobbying firm and its relationships with House lawmakers. The firm, which was ...
by Fake Virginia
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As a veteran I am thoroughly disgusted by the following stories. I know it is naive to believe people are not going to make money off of war, but the amount of money being siphoned off in the wars ...
by testvet6778
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If we are the Reality Party, this must not stand. If we want better Democrats, this must not stand. Two stories from the wire are an example of how, and why, politics, and government are looked ...
by Granny Doc
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Murtha , corrupt Democrat: “If I’m corrupt, it’s because I take care of my district,” Mr.
by kos
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I haven't seen this diaried, and if it has been will gladly strike this one. NY Times is reporting that the FBI has closed ...
by Crashing Vor
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Doesn't look good . A Pennsylvania defense research center regularly ...
by kos
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Corruption ain't pretty , no matter which party engages in it. A defense lobbyist and his family ...
by kos
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A progressive Presidency is a terrible thing to waste. It only comes around once every so often. Wouldn't it be a shame if Americans' hopes for the Obama Administration were squandered in Afghanistan?
by Robert Naiman
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Ok, so Obama has done the very thing he always said he would do - he's ordered that the Gitmo Detention Facility be shutdown, and that those being held there be - what's the word? oh, yeah - ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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In October, long-time Western Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha known for his long-term pork-barrel politics and his ...
by DemocraticLuntz
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The next state that I choose to talk about in this series is Pennsylvania, where Obama defeated McCain comfortably. This next installments follows previous entries in the series that I wrote ...
by oceanstar17
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I know, this is not even a real diary, but you'll have to bear with me.
by Gustanza
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So the Ashley Todd story about being beaten up and robbed by a big black Obama supporter turned out to be a hoax. I, however, still feel like there is more to this story. Based on a few "...
by evolushawn
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Earlier today there was a cross-posting here from Talking Points Memo, a blog entry by Ron Drummond concerning the ...
by pablito
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What is it with some of these Republicans, they can't speak clearly and spit out any statements that make sense at all.
by 1stState4Obama
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john murtha, john lewis, jessie ...
by yellowdawg64
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Forgive me if this has been diaried, as I've searched several relevant terms and have not found anything discussing it. Plus, this is my first time out writing a diary, so cut me some slack! >_> ...
by fifty7
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For those who need a break from the incessant VP diaries, both of the serious variety and the "snark" variety.... Retiring Republican Congressman Terry Everett (AL-02) apparently lost his shit ...
by Steve Singiser
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