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Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) We're known as the MOTley Crew and you can find us here every morning at 6:30 a.m. Eastern (and perhaps sometimes earlier!). Feel ...
by P Carey
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John Prine has been sick with non-small cell carcinoma of the lung, which was operable and, as far as anyone knows for now, he's expected to go on tour and visit Concord, NH and Portland, ME at the ...
by hannah
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John Prine . . . When I was a child my family would travel, Down to Western Kentucky where my parents were born. And there's a backwards old town that's often remembered, So many times that my ...
by JusticeSeeker68
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Remember that line from John Prine's "Dear Abby"? "You have no complaint. You are what you are and you ain't what you ain't." I suppose it popped in my head after thinking about the culture of ...
by hannah
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Cross-Posted at THE DAILY MUSIC BREAK , the site that features good music regardless of era or genre. If you enjoy The Daily Music Break, please visit our funding pitch at Indiegogo .
by cweinsch
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Adversity can debilitate and defeat a lesser soul. But for those with the inner strength to make the climb, new heights can beckon. Along the way---especially for a musician---it helps to have ...
by harveywasserman
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Music is magic. It can soothe us, entertain, teach, or ignite us. As a freshman at The University of Texas in the 70’s, my English Composition professor decided to stray from the mandated ...
by Kevin Tully
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Here are some songs that reflect Democratic (and definitely not Republican) values – things like solidarity and helping out disadvantaged people when they are down and out. Here are a few Songs ...
by Dbug
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When I was a young, broke but care-free philosopher in the University of Arkansas, hanging out with poets, working at a red-neck bar for beer money, and fancying myself a writer, I worried a lot. ...
by supak
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Crossposted from Docudharma. I’ve been feeling mournful of late. Can’t say why. Well I could but you don’t have all day. Let’s ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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Crossposted from Docudharma. Note: I got a little out of sequence with this series and published Part IV – Love and Death in Colombia before ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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I'm trying to put together a list of songs on the topic of environmental destruction, particular the environmental consequences of coal mining (I'm having trouble finding those), and am hoping all ...
by JohnnyRook
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This may seem slightly commercial, and certainly off the track of my usual messages on this site, but I found this in my email inbox this week, and it was too good not to share: John ...
by xofferson
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One of my favorite anti-war poems, written around the time of World War I. (Bold emphasis in poem added by me). Followed by one of my favorite anti-war songs, a song which should have precluded ...
by rdbaker43
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Just about now, you have browser tabs open on every news site and blog covering today's primaries, and you're hitting the "refresh" button before the pages even fully load. You already know the ...
by RiderOnTheStorm
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A message you might wish to pass along to anyone who actually takes the question of lapel pins or pledges or any of this seriously, written with John Prine's blunt words of simple wisdom in mind:
by RiderOnTheStorm
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by Machado
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