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This greenhouse at the former historic Fisherville Mill in South Grafton, Massachusetts, sits on the banks of a canal by the Blackstone River. It is cleaning stormwater runoff and water ...
by gmoke
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A 1990-1991 visit to one of John Todd's living machines treating sewage and septage with ecological systems design and without chemicals in Providence, RI. The mention of the MWRA (MA Water ...
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John Todd could be considered one of the founders of ecological design. For the past forty years or so, he has been building enclosed ecologies, first, for growing fish, John was one of the ...
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The Fisherville Mill Canal on the Blackstone River in Grafton, MA has been contaminated for decades by #6 fuel oil in its waters. John Todd Ecological Design (http://toddecological.com/) with the ...
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According to a recent New Yorker article on the subject: Geoengineering” actually refers to two distinct ideas about how to cool the planet. The first, solar-radiation management, focusses on ...
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DuPont has had a radical policy in place for a number of years now. Their goal is zero defects on the production line, zero injuries in the workplace, and zero emissions in their manufacturing ...
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It was probably around thirty years ago that I went to a basement apartment near Harvard Square for a presentation by two people visiting ...
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On June 23 in New York City, John Todd, one of the founders of New Alchemy Institute, received the first Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award for his ...
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I've come to believe that things are getting better and better and worse and worse, faster and faster, simultaneously. ~
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The 2008 winner of the $100,000 Buckminster Fuller Challenge is John Todd with his Comprehensive Design ...
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Ocean Arks International is one of the offshoots of the New Alchemy Institute. This piece by John Todd , the ...
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The bee at the window was bio-engineered, computer-enabled, remote controlled. The gnats in the park were spying and sniffing for suspicious chemicals and substances, drugs, bombs, DNA signatures.
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