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I wish the Internet came with a manual. I wish my parents had sat me down as a lad and told me, “John, this is when you should argue in good faith; this is when you should hold your tongue; and ...
by Shef
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One of the biggest stories this week in The War on Women is Florida's domestic violence victim Marissa Alexander being freed from prison to home detention. This has been ably diaried by [http://...
by cinnamon68
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Picking up on where I left off yesterday--it turns out I was not harsh enough on my attack on the New York magazine story on political correctness. Others are going for the jugular-- Amanda Taub ...
by lawrencegoodman
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Over at Salon, again , readers will be faced with the specter of Thomas Frank, who has been wrestling for some time (at least since his book " What's the Matter With Kansas? ") with the matter of ...
by Cassiodorus
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Readers of my diaries (and their associated links) may remember Jonathan Chait. Chait is the guy who (along with David Roberts, unfortunately ) thinks Barack Obama is the "environmental President" ...
by Cassiodorus
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Cross-posted at ACA Signups Last night, Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine posted a great story entitled " Republicans Finally Admit Why they Really Hate Obamacare ". For the most part, it lays ...
by Brainwrap
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He's black. He's also the president.
by Dante Atkins
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[Also available in White and Green ] I don't know if everyone is talking about race because Congress is deadlocked and, well, we have to talk about something more than Ukraine and the missing jet ...
by BooMan23
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Even if there are no hippies in a story, Chait will invent them. Jonathan Chait, May 2006 : I can't quite ...
by Armando
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The Yellow King still has me. Jonathan Chait's new essay on race in the Age of Obama is even more poorly reasoned and problematic than its predecessor. Obama, Racism, and the Presumption of ...
by chaunceydevega
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White racial terrorism in places like Tulsa and East Saint Louis was the tyranny of white supremacy in human form, bombing, killing, raping, and burning black people alive and their communities to ...
by chaunceydevega
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Last night, at the WWE's 30th annual Wrestlemania, one of its most legendary figures lost his first match at the event in 22 years . The defeat of the "Undertaker" caused utter shock, dismay, and ...
by chaunceydevega
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Jonathan Chait at NY Magazine has a good list of reasons why Christie is probably guilty (and, let's be real, no one with half a brain, so that includes some Republicans, maybe, believes Christie is ...
by hyperstation
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When House Republicans come back from their long Christmas vacation they'll have a prepared response when the media asks them why their Party has abandoned the long-term unemployed. They'll say that ...
by Dartagnan
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. . . Whenever it’s plausible to do so, the specifics of conservative racial thinking need to be analyzed and debated on their merits, not stigmatized as racist. And even if conservative racial ...
by winslow2036
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He wrote it after seeing "Twelve Years a Slave" and in part has convinced me to go see it. But that is not why I am urging you to read 12 Years a Slave and the Obama Era . Perhaps his opening ...
by teacherken
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Over the past couple of days, Jonathan Chait's "
by Jon Perr
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"12 Years a Slave" and the Obama era That context was fresh in my mind when I read this column in National Review by Quinn Hillyer, a conservative pundit, think-tank fellow, and former candidate ...
by blue aardvark
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Somewhere along the way, that right-wing echo chamber that used to just help conservatives swiftboat John Kerry and so forth stopped being a tool for cynical manipulation and actually took over the ...
by I voted for Kodos
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I've often written about the usefulness of being ruthless when the situation and the times demand it, and on occasion some readers have taken issue with that proposition, clinging to the notion that ...
by Ray Pensador
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