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Just received confirmation from a reliable source that President Obama has selected John Kerry as the next Secretary of State. Per CBS: BOSTON (CBS) – President Obama has picked Sen. John Kerry ...
by F J G
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Senator Jay Rockefeller is one of the most tireless champions of healthcare reform on the Hill. He has been around a long time, was key in crafting CHIP and a champion of expanding Medicare 55 and up.
by pronin2
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Happy New Year, folks. I hope some of our issues will finally be properly addressed this year. After a few weeks off from Daily Kos to make presents, visit family and friends and otherwise ignore ...
by Tom Taaffe
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If you think defeating the Keystone XL pipeline will be the end of tar sands pipelines cutting through the heart of the United States, clearly you haven't been doing enough depressing ...
by Mark Fiore
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As many of us here in non-battleground states like Illinois, I've been following the early voting numbers from states like North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio and Florida as I'm sure others have as well. ...
by minvis
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By Zen Prise from The Real Right: The Deep South boasts the largest concentrations of blacks in the country, so shifts in ...
by eyesonobama
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Speaking at the 2010 Clean Energy, Jobs and Security Forum yesterday, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) invoked the anger of conservative tea partiers in his advice to advocates of climate legislation. His ...
by The Cunctator
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You might remember John Kerry and the famous swift-boat attacks (many of which came from veterans who never served with Kerry). Well, it appears Kerry has learned from his mistakes and is trying to ...
by ProgressiveVA
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In a post titled "The baseless, and failed, 'move to the center' cliche" Glenn Greenwald argues that centrist ...
by thadanderson
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According to Joe Romm at Climate Progress, efforts by John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman to create an "economy-wide" energy bill are still underway. This is a discussion of that news, ...
by B Amer
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Last night on David Gregory's Race for the White House he had on the McCain camps top economic advisor Douglas Holtz-Eakin. (Most famous for boasting that McCain invented made the Blackberry ...
by nyseer
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Thomas Lipscomb works himself into a cut and paste frenzy with his latest screechfest over at Huffington Post:
by matchpoint
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So there was Ed Gillespie on Meet The Press expounding on his new product - "I Can't Believe it's Not Retirement" - but the talking point that really caught my ear was (and I paraphrase from memory ...
by malcolm
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There were 12 states in 2004 where neither the Republican nor Democratic candidate was able to get more than 52.5% of the vote. Six of the 12 went for George Bush and 6 went for John Kerry. The ...
by kto9
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Albert Einstein famously said “You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” The Obama Administration needs to know NOW this applies to the climate war on the planet, and that ...
by RandW
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Saw this via velonews forum from Slipstream Sports. Senator John Kerry rode with some team members, including Jonathan Vaughters, and really impressed them:
by gttim
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Why is Lindsay Graham so upset? Is it because the Dems have the GOP right where they want them? Is it because the Dems didn't walk right into Graham's trap on the climate change bill? Some ...
by Eat The Parties
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I read with interest this post of Kos about the attacks of Obama on other democrats and his use of republican talking ...
by Blue Wind
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Sec. Kerry about to give statement on Syria. This is an open thread.
by Publius2008
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Everybody has their own tapestry of political memories that led them to this moment, probably the greatest and most important political triumphs any of us will witness in our lifetimes. For what it'
by Reviser
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