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Today's Hullabaloo features an article by Digby (The Liberal Dilemma) that contains one of the best laid out arguments for not supporting the President's compromise with Republicans. ...
by praenomen
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Over at [http://www.alternet.org Alternet.org], Kevin Drum has cross-posted an outstanding piece of commentary which he has up on the [http://www.motherjones.com Mother Jones]’ blog, entitled: “[...
by bobswern
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Over at Mother Jones , Kevin Drum has a cover story that spotlights how a critical public health action years ago is having a much bigger payback than anyone realized at the time. America's Real ...
by xaxnar
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The fall out from the Hobby Lobby decision continues, and the follow-on rulings make it clear that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court is going to use "freedom of religion" and ...
by xaxnar
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Charles M. Blow and Thomas B. Edsall have complementary pieces in the N.Y. Times today. A Nation Divided Against Itself is Blow noting that America seems to be dividing up into two separate ...
by xaxnar
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Talking Points Memo reports: A top foreign policy aide to Mitt Romney suggested Thursday that the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens would never ...
by Clem Yeobright
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When the economy collapsed in 2009, America entered what has been called the Great Recession. It's not the first time the country has hit an economic downdraft on steroids - and we did have ...
by xaxnar
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Look, I know you've been busy. You've got a White House to win, and all those other down ticket races you're trying to shape your way. But seriously? It's time to tell you something. Your ...
by xaxnar
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DUH! you may well say to such an obvious statement - but it's NOT obvious to the Very Serious People running the world. The Pain Caucus School of Economics & Socio-political Sadism answer to what ...
by xaxnar
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Via Balloon Juice , I just came across a post by the ...
by thereisnospoon
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Kevin Drum asks: Question: [Re:] the primary critique among the anti-war left, has the Iraq ...
by Big Tent Democrat
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If you're one of the beleaguered members of a public employee union wondering why there's been so much press and talk show noise blaming you for the fiscal crisis so many states are facing because ...
by xaxnar
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Words are tools we use to understand the world, interact with it, and manipulate it. Like fish in regard to water, we normally don't pay particular attention to words until or unless they ...
by xaxnar
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by BooMan23
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Over at Kevin Drum's place, there's a discussion going on about Ross Douthat's contention: If liberal social policies really led inexorably to fewer unplanned pregnancies and thus fewer ...
by xaxnar
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Mother Jones regular, Kevin Drum, offers an interesting insight in to the reason for the fear and loathing of ...
by Granny Doc
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From Wisconsin to Washington D.C. the Zombie Apocalypse has begun. They walk among us leaving destruction in their wake. They've stolen the minds of millions - but they want more than brains. They ...
by xaxnar
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Ever since the Citizens United decision opened the floodgates for money to buy elections (because money is now equivalent to free speech according to the Supreme Court), every candidate out ...
by xaxnar
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On a hot, humid Sunday afternoon, when yard work is complicated by passing monsoonal thunderstorms, there's something to be said for more cerebral pursuits, as in pondering the whichness of ...
by xaxnar
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