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Out here in Washington State (the "other" Washington), we're pretty much used to being ignored by the national television networks and newspapers on a ...
by archerhouse
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A King County deputy and a corrections officer were attempting to serve a warrant using the controversial "no-knock raid" method, bursting into the home of Dustin Theoharis in search of his ...
by Jen Hayden
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by nwprogressive
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Why don't we have a Seattle-specific Kossack group? That was the question that got me in trouble to begin with. There is Koscadia, a group based in Portland that includes Washington State in the ...
by EagleOfFreedom
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by anonym
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by N in Seattle
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George Bernard Shaw once wrote that " the worst sin towards our ...
by Doctor RJ
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by anonym
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It's rare to hear about one of the energy companies doing a good job. Well, [http://www.estacadanews.com/news/story.php?story_id=123135980023751800 times they are a changing]. Several ...
by CornSyrupAwareness
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Attention: King County voters!! You may have been surprised yesterday when you discovered a ballot in your mailbox. A ballot? Didn't we just finish electing Obama ...
by N in Seattle
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OK Folks, this is a drive by diary with just the quick details... since I'm supposedly working right now. Our initial meetup of Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks is: Saturday, Feb 1st Noon - 3pm. ...
by EagleOfFreedom
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I have been a union guy all my life, and even in “retirement,” I’ll be union till I die. I support the public employees in Wisconsin and everywhere else. I was proud to attend the rally in ...
by Ivan
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The latest updates on the Washington State elections show some surprising turnarounds in the vote count. The elections have have attracted national and international attention on several ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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In the wake of Washington State’s historic 2012 elections, most civil libertarians and progressives are pleased with the results, but some cannabis activists are still concerned about the ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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Nearly 1/2 of remaining ballots from Dem stronghold of King County...largely from Seattle.
by mikeymike68
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I recently got an email from the Washington State Democrats about Suzan DelBene, who has announced her candidacy in the Eighth Congressional District. I happen to live in the solidly Democratic ...
by Dbug
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by zappini
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I was browsing my facebook page when I came across a post from Rob McKenna, the Republican candidate for governor here in Washington State. One of my right wing friends had given it a "like", so it ...
by WomanLady
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