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Ayn Rand is being failed by the American People. What would John Galt do? As Mark Kleiman notes , Republicans are waking up to the fact the Romney is losing. So it'
by Armando
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Part 1 of 2. A return to the 13th century view of church state separation, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II "Laws are made for the government of actions, and while they cannot interfere with mere ...
by Armando
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From the diaries. This is an excellent summation of where we are at the end of a week that featured the ineffectual Broderism of the ISG and more blind stupidity from the administration. --...
by Bob Johnson
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In a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black, then burning the tea water, the McCain campaign has decided to attack Barack Obama for attending a going away party for New York native and ...
by The Blue State Bandit
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(cross posted at MyDD ) Recently Jeffrey Feldman has begun posting a Violent ...
by dannyinla
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To be clear, I am NOT advocating the pursuit of Impeachment of the President. I am merely trying to illustrate the engrained mindset , that Democrats in general, are up against. Any small incident ...
by jamess
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The right wing commentariat is set up with little franchises. Mark Krikorian has the ban immigration franchise, Maggie Galllagher has the "defense of" marriage portfolio, and Michelle Malkin has ...
by Cartoon Peril
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Tonight on Larry King, Michael Medved repeats a disturbing trend of "PLO membership" and ...
by Party Boy
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Andrew McCarthy, the author of Faithless Execution , wrote on Saturday in the National Review: The nation overwhelmingly objects to Obama’s immigration lawlessness, but it has no stomach for the ...
by akadjian
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Welcome to Issue 7 of Quote the Ravin: Somebody Call 9/11. We're in emergency need of a proctologist, all I see are assholes, and they are doing a lot of talking. I'm your host esby: I'm unemployed, ...
by esby
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Nothing drives them wild at NRO quite as much as when Jimmy Carter gets a compliment! Of course, President Carter is universally recognized as the role model for former ...
by Barry in MIA
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by Uncle Ben
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