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Over at Mother Jones , Kevin Drum has a cover story that spotlights how a critical public health action years ago is having a much bigger payback than anyone realized at the time. America's Real ...
by xaxnar
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Wow, so, maybe the/a tied Senate is emboldening Bush to break out his bat brained ideas again, but this is just plain loopy. Maybe a case of Rapture Fever. Or maybe he's just crazy like a fox, an oil-
by pinche tejano
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I adore garlic. And who doesn't? Apart from my porridge and desserts (though I have made a garlic flavored ice cream in the past), it's in everything I cook. I can't tell enough you how incredibly ...
by Patric Juillet
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Fun fact: Fewer California Condors exist on earth than there are current members of Congress. Well, it's finally happened. The National Rifle Association has at long last turned its sights on ...
by Hunter
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It's been so long since I paid any attention, so long since it made any difference, so many years since I had any choice, that I didn't know, and had to run out the garage to check. On my 1995 Ford ...
by dsteffen
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by DemActivist
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I had to wait a week to post as the Dkos bot filter tried to determine if I was, indeed, made of flesh and blood. Thanks to a kindly Dkos elf, I'm finally recognized as "suitably human", so here I am.
by Sierrareal1
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I swear. Not a single more See's Candy for me. I'm almost holiday candied out. I just want the 25th to come and go so I don't have to deal with people out of their minds about buying cr*p for people ...
by jillian
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OK...I'm officially depressed. Turkana's Blackwater diary pushed me over the edge into pure, unadulterated depression. Next Breaking! is going to be "ALL HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY" version. But...for today.
by jillian
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This diary voluntarily removed; if anyone would like me to resend to their email, let me know. Apparently, someone didn't like my take or spiel on Native American history and I'd rather not quibble ...
by richholtzin
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Conserve your energy. Take a breather from candidate bashing diaries. Let's talk about ISSUES...shall we? Now...ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS TO USE! Radioactive remains: The forgotten story of the ...
by jillian
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THURSDAY NIGHT IS HEALTH CARE CHANGE NIGHT, a weekly Health Care Series (cross-posted at ePluribus Media ) Proper ...
by TheFatLadySings
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The McCain campaign may have sabotoged its chances to overtake Democratic Party opponent Barack Obama in the weeks leading up to the 2008 Election. On the other hand, this latest move may just be ...
by Democratic Tribune
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( Time for a quick commercial announcement.... ) Believe the elections were "stolen/rigged?"? WORK A POLL! Worried about 80 year olds in charge of technological ...
by jillian
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It's an overcast, coolish day here in Santa Barbara. Yesterday, I went with the Ski Club for a bike ride through the Santa Ynez Valley Wine Country. ...
by jillian
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Congrats, Mr. President! Yes, I believe he was elected back in "ought..ought", however, the Supremes decided to "crown" another. It's raining here in Santa Barbara. ...
by jillian
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NY City’s drop is crime is being attributed to changes in environmental actions, not in Giuliani’s crime policies. Today’s Washington Post highlights the research of ...
by Kidspeak
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by jillian
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Thomas Midgley Jr was a mechanical engineer and inventor. Although he had no formal training in chemistry, he invented Freon, a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), the chemical that made mass market ...
by gmoke
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The Bush administration and the government of China both fought to stop rules that would have protected children from lead in toys.
by FishOutofWater
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