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That is the only logical explanation. That's right, I've figured it out, and Mitt Romney's campaign is actually the most epic comedy act in human history. I've been putting the pieces together for ...
by danananan
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First, about a year ago, Matt Taibbi has a, "Come Up With the Ultimate Thomas Friedman Porn Title," contest, which is won by one ……… Thomas Friedman , with an opinion piece titled, "This Ain't Yogurt,
by LunkHead
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Let me start by saying that I think that Andy Kaufman is dead, and that he died in 1984, but a significant portion of his fan base believes that he faked his death. Let me further state that I ...
by LunkHead
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When Andy Kaufman died back in 1984 at the tender age of 35 I thought it was another Kaufman stunt. I figured he would emerge again but in some other badly-masked persona, but I waited and waited, ...
by lawsyl
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There is a scene in the book 1984 in which the protagonist remembers the days before "the party" came into power. He remembers a man sitting in shock after some terrible bombing. He repeats over ...
by michlawa2
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For those of you who missed my diary earlier this week , I laid out a strong circumstantial case that Mitt Romney is actually a 30+ year performance art piece by legendary comedian Andy Kaufman. In ...
by danananan
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First of all, I want it clear I'm not promoting a third-party candidate in this entry, and I am not promoting Painlin. I'm just making note of a move in the culture-- that of various third-party ...
by peterbernard209
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