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My first diary -- I'm so nervous I'll do it wrong. Be gentle with an old lady. (I bet this doesn't count as a first paragraph -- I'm so nervous!) Okay here goes: Friday was a game-changer. ...
by 57andFemale
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(Now also posted at a non-partisan URL w/ a useful navigation bar) Whether convincing undecideds or debating a McCain ...
by ShadowSD
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Many of the liberals and progressives who helped Obama get elected have been frustrated in the first three weeks of his administration. They saw Obama's opening move of soliciting bi-partisan ...
by JCWilmore
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I found your rhetoric so inspiring. I found your ideas so encouraging. I also saw the problems you had to confront as overwhelming. I viewed your opposition as well educated, highly experienced ...
by Granny Doc
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Did anyone NOT see this coming after another Democratic Congressional Leadership very special “sternly worded letter&...
by clammyc
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Color me unimpressed with Senator Obama’s statement with respect to the FISA “compromise” . There are a number ...
by clammyc
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Men and women who step forward to report massive fraud in the reconstruction of Iraq are being villified, demoted, fired and tortured states an article from ...
by CTLiberal
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I’m so angry at what those 2 so called “leaders” have said, done, not said, not done and allowed to happen that I can just spit. By declaring that impeachment is off the table, ...
by clammyc
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For a week now, I have been puzzling over the various comments, and attempts to gin up hysteria, pervading the media coverage of the popular uprising in Cairo. There was something askew, leaking ...
by Granny Doc
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This is what a real leader sounds like: Rep. Leonard ...
by I said GOOD DAY sir
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I love this guy. Really I do. This is what Rahm had to say this morning on Face the Nation:
by Muzikal203
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According to McClatchy Newspapers Dick Cheney is on the precipice of convincing Bush to attack Iran. Diplomacy has gone nowhere because ...
by Cenk Uygur
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According to USA Today : "We cannot replace a group of corporate Republicans with a group of corporate ...
by Ivan
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I have been a passive supporter and growing less wishy washy in my support for Senator Dodd since right around Yearly Kos. As most people still aren&...
by clammyc
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Below is a letter I penned last night to the President. As indicated below, I have been a strong supporter and defender of the President until this week but he has shown that he is only interested ...
by cheforacle
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by souldrift
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zenbowl published a diary earlier on this. My take is different, so I'm publishing also. __________________________ This morning&
by LithiumCola
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This should not pass unnoticed. McClatchy reports that Senator Obama's spokesman yesterday laid out a clearer opposition to Bush's Status of Forces Agreement than the Democratic Senate has so far ...
by LithiumCola
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Many of us who were angered by the fact that many Congressional Democrats seemingly gave up on their attempt to defund the war effort after one lousy veto knew it really wasn't about whether the ...
by wmtriallawyer
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Cornel West calls out President Obama (via truthdig , ...
by Alien Abductee
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