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Time Magazine Calls Out McCain Ad- Worse than Willie Horton Three days ago I posted a diary breaking down McCain’s “The One” ad (I posted the ad at the bottom of this diary) –
by cardboard
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NOTE: This story, like the Christian Embassy story I've been writing about recently, derives from the investigative research work of Mikey Wenstein'...
by Troutfishing
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I have had a bit of an evidentiary katamari that I've been rolling up for some time, and--whilst I've embargoed it on here, I've ...
by dogemperor
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by Troutfishing
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by Frederick Clarkson
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by Frederick Clarkson
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Bill Gothard--as I've been showing the past couple of days--runs a highly coercive "Bible-based" group whose abuses rival that of Scientology in pure "may be harmful" content....with a taste for ...
by dogemperor
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Yesterday, I had to go to the food bank. That's what happens when you are poor and unemployed and, ya know, out of food. Originally, I detested going to the food bank, and I even cried the first few ...
by Colorado is the Shiznit
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Is John McCain comparing Barack Obama to the anti-Christ? If you haven't seen it yet, below is a link to the latest McCain attack ad followed by the text from that ad.
by SoonerG
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Most people are distraught and in anguish over the deaths of thousands of Japanese and the threat of multiple nuclear power plant meltdowns in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ...
by Steven D
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It seemed like it was only a matter of time before actor Stephen Baldwin emerged as as a person of interest on the religious right. That's why when I read a very strange profile of him last year, I ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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"He did not win the popular vote," she says, ...
by NCrissieB
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The video game Left Behind: Eternal Forces , which generated more news than it did sales in the past decade, was recently back in the news . A federal court found in favor of the Securities ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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In recent years, Pew Research , Time and others have found that almost ...
by Jon Perr
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by thereisnospoon
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by Frederick Clarkson
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Religious warfare is ...
by Troutfishing
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A few years ago, Talk to Action led the way in breaking the news and extending the analysis of the video game based on Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series of novels. Set in New York, members of a ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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by Frederick Clarkson
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Hey, I don't mind anyones specific relationship with their own Personal Jesus - but ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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