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We began week 4 of testing this week. In the beginning, it was the Measurement of Student Progress, which is the new name for the Washington Assessment of Student Learning. That covered grades 3-6, ...
by fireflynw
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Last election day was not a happy one for rural Minnesota democrats... While we won all the statewide offices and our incumbent congress members were re-elected, we lost near a dozen state house ...
by dyna
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Cross-posted from Asian Pacific Americans for Progress : Law school clinics are programs run by law ...
by rameyko
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Disclosure alert - one of the books, Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio , has a piece I wrote on the deceptions and propaganda of the religious right. How very appropriate: From WIS-TV : South ...
by The Author
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The backroom dealings at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin have been intriguing in the wake of the losses in last week's election. As part of these discussions, Assembly Dem Leader Peter Barca was ...
by Jake formerly of the LP
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It seems to be in the news quite a bit lately, this fella named "Alec". For a long time, I was just sitting out on the porch down here, along the mighty Duck River, wonderin' what all the dust-up ...
by Bud Fields
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We need to get to them, let them know that if they do not support the banning of assault weapons and large clips, if they do not support reasonable gun control we will go after them in the 2014 ...
by Rosalie907
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Minnesota has two special elections coming up on Tuesday, and as the self-proclaimed Minnesota Legislature expert on DKE, I find it my personal duty to fully report on these elections. 14A: Here ...
by OGGoldy
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It's January in America. You know what that means. The busybodies are back!!!! State legislatures across America are reconvening and dreaming up amazing new ways to hijack the personal freedoms ...
by Mark27
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Want the scoop on hot races around the country? Get the digest emailed to you each weekday morning. Sign up here . Leading Off :
by David Nir
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Calls for secession are an effect of the defacto sundering of the nation that has been taking place in America over the past two decades. The secession movement is not about the President's re-...
by doctor o
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We generally take it as a given in the United States that politics is all about pointed words rather than pointed jabs, thunderous speeches rather than thunderous shots to the chin, and vigorous ...
by Pragmaticus
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This is actually going to be a summary of blog posts that I have over at RIFuture.org dealing ...
by TPublico
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The Republicans sure have a way with words. Name a recent Republican bill in Congress that actually deals with the problem mentioned in the bill's title, as expressed, or even mentions the title ...
by wbramh
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We laugh about it sometimes. Those of us who live in the State of New York, particularly, perhaps, those of us who have worked for it, or work on legislative issues, have watched as what passes for ...
by Barth
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