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Effing monsters. According to Oklahoma City's News Channel 4 (KFOR-TV), on Tuesday morning, Clayton Lockett was tased: 5:06 a.m. - The execution process started early Tuesday at about 5 a.m. with x-...
by ericlewis0
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AP reports that the Supreme Court has stayed Mississippi's ...
by davidseth
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Originally posted at Fair and Unbalanced Another botched execution . This one in Oklahoma where witnesses described an "agonizing scene" ...
by Lovechilde
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This Friday, September 16, 2011, has become the International Day of Solidarity for Troy Anthony Davis. This date has been chosen because the Georgia State Board of Pardons & Paroles are ...
by laserhaas
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Just a peaceful two-hour lullaby That's how it's supposed to go, I guess—a prisoner gulping for air for nearly two hours before he's pronounced dead.
by Mother Mags
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Great news. A California Court of Appeal has invalidated California's lethal injection protocol because the state failed to comply with the state's Administrative Procedure Act. ...
by davidseth
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"The death penalty is capricious, discriminatory and barbaric. The shortage of sodium thiopental has stripped what Justice Harry Blackmun called 'the machinery of death' of even a cloak ...
by Lovechilde
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I was assigned to cover an execution in Mississippi yesterday. I've already filed my report for radio, and I'm writing a freelance piece for the local independent paper, but I wanted to share what I ...
by Free Chicken and Beer
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There is evidence that Gov. Rick Perry (R, TX) allowed the execution of a man despite evidence of his innocence. Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in 2004 for the 1991 arson deaths of his three ...
by David A Love
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On the morning of May 23, 1701, Captain William Kidd found himself kneeling alongside a motley assortment of unwashed felons in the chapel of London’s notorious Newgate Prison, being lectured by ...
by Virally Suppressed
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From Buzz Feed : WASHINGTON — The Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office on Thursday agreed to a 180-day delay of the pending execution of Charles Warner, the next inmate scheduled to be put to ...
by ericlewis0
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(Cross-posted from Executed Today .) Ten years ago today, born-again murderess Karla Faye Tucker died by lethal injection in Texas -- her ...
by executedtoday
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cross posted from ...
by davidseth
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I would still be opposed to the death penalty if we executed prisoners by tickling them to death.  Now, thanks to Oklahoma's governor rushing an execution , more people now know that "
by Mark Fiore
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His lawyers filed an appeal for an emergency stay of execution, after he had been "gasping and snorting for more than an hour" in the death chamber.
by Horace Boothroyd III
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This evening Clayton Lockett died after the State of Oklahoma botched his execution. Witnesses say that he called out “man” and “something’s wrong,” and writhed and twitched in agony ...
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If the State of California had its way, executions would still be carried out in the gas chamber. The State opposed a lawsuit brought in the early 1990s to establish that such a method ...
by Lovechilde
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As many of you know, there is a wide consensus in most of Europe that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. That sentiment may result in executions here in the States being delayed. ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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A man convicted of murder in Missouri has had his lethal injection execution placed on hold by SCOTUS due to the dangerously cruel practice being a greater risk to him due to a genetic condition. It ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Tomorrow, Oklahoma is set to perform its first double execution in nearly 80 years. Charles Warner and Clayton Lockett are scheduled to be executed despite an extended, unresolved legal and ...
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