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This has already been covered on the front page today, but as a former ...
by aramis
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Someone anonymous put together this home-brewed video of Elizabeth Warren speaking at what looks like a supporter's house. It consists of two awesome excerpts: One on how we got into so much debt (...
by jpmassar
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Hard to believe, isn't it? Okay, it's not the entire department, just a few hires, $1.5 M worth: A conservative billionaire who opposes government meddling in business has bought a ...
by TomP
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by lungfish
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For more than two decades, Edwin Lyngar voted conservative. Though government programs like WIC (Women, Infants, Children) and EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) were the only things enabling him and ...
by Mopshell
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(Photograph of non-starving woman and children during the Great Depression, courtesy ...
by Steven D
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I wonder when the Arizona State legislature will change the state nickname from "The Grand Canyon State" to "The Orly Taitz State"? The Arizona House on Monday voted for a ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Sometimes it's hard keeping track of all the various conservative factions, so I made this: Glad I could help!
by kos
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This clip is out of San Bernardino in California. Look at those greedy, lazy, overpaid scumbags sucking on the government’s teat. I say we close at least half the fire stations, and cut their ...
by Xavier Onassis EMTP
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Whole Foods CEO John Mackey calls Obamacare fascism in a NPR interview. In an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey revised his previous description of Obamacare as ...
by hobie1616
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I don’t know about you, but the volatile discussion on the site lately around possible and actual “left/right” (and “progressive/libertarian”) coalitions to move ...
by RadioGirl
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Just a short diary to recommend (with caveats) a front page article over at the site of our conservative friends (heh), RedState. Leon H. Wolf, a longtime contributor to the site, read through the ...
by pico
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by Grand Moff Texan
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Ever wonder how the Tea Party got such traction? How they came out of nowhere -- to become an influential presence on the National Stage? Me too. It was simple really. Take 2 parts ...
by jamess
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It doesn't matter whether it is a granola-crunching, Vitamin A swilling, New Agey liberal, or a libertarian "don't push your government on my kids," or a conservative "get your nanny state out of my ...
by Village Vet
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Not much apparently ... just delete the file (the proposed legislation), scrub the ALEC Watermark, submit it again -- and hope no one will notice. Unfortunately, far too often, no one ever does ...
by jamess
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All you need to know about Ron Paul can be found in this excellent article by Seattle's own David Neiwert . Ron ...
by Pen
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by HarveyMilk
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All the panic over Ebola from a small group of people that were exposed to Mr. Duncan is ridiculous. There are many things much more dangerous than the chance that we will in some fantasy world ...
by Dovie
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If Billionaires were X-men, how would they carry out their plots and plans for world domination? I dunno, let's turn the Magnifying Glass on them for a while ...
by jamess
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