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Recent amendments to Florida statutes now require foreign drivers to have an International Driving Permit ( IDP ) in addition to a valid driving license from their own driving license authority. The ...
by paul2port
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When I go to get my medications a licensed professional fills them and a certified assistant distributes them to me. If I send my child to a school a certified teacher teaches them. Home ...
by Wendys Wink
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by johnnygunn
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The Washington Post has published an article about The Iraqi government denying a new license to Blackwater Worldwide. Blackwater has had a very profitable stay in Iraq, receiving more than $1 ...
by Amber6541
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After the horrible shootings that occurred yesterday, many people are calling for at least a discussion about gun control. Admittedly, there are some who want to ban guns altogether and make our ...
by rickrocket
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Last Saturday, when I saw the headlines blaring from Internet that a Democratic ...
by mooremusings
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Why is the DMV the primary source for identification in this country? American culture is so heavily auto-centric that people who cannot drive, and people who choose not to drive ...
by futurebird
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No wonder Republicans can't give up on the war in Iraq. Some of them are still fighting the American Civil War. Apparently they don't know they headed the winning team in the first one...
by Notthemayor
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As police and illegal vendors in Zimbabwe’s capital clash over licenses, others urge the government to address the underlying problems of unemployment and poverty. A federal government plan aims ...
by Global Press Institute
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by Walt starr
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