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The latest look at a classic global ecological analysis from MIT: Next Great Depression? MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030 : A new study from researchers at Jay W. ...
by barath
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We all know Bill McKibben---one of the shining lights of the national (and international) environmental community, who's been educating us about climate change longer than most any journalist. His ...
by barath
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You might have heard the news: we're at the end of growth. Growth of the economy, of consumption, of wealth. That this would happen isn’t news to those who’ve followed the writings of Meadows, ...
by barath
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Last week I established why we're at the end of economic growth as we know it . With that comes the end of Wall Street as we know it. The protests going on now may hasten that end, but the end is ...
by barath
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We're at the end of economic growth as we know it. Not everyone has realized this yet, but it has arrived nevertheless. In past weeks I ...
by barath
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I've been wondering for the past year about the interactions between climate change and peak oil. They're twin problems, rooted in our dependence upon fossil fuels (and oil in particular). But there'
by barath
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Can we run our society on alternative / green energy? We know we need to get off of fossil fuels. So what should we do? I think it's possible that the green energy movement sees ...
by barath
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We're at the end of growth. Growth of the economy, of consumption, of wealth. Below I'll describe in brief why this is the case and the beginnings of what we might do about it.
by barath
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The Maya are a cautionary example for all of us, a prophecy not by words but by deeds. A formal follow-up to a paper I wrote in 2007 and a non-technical version of which I published here, I'll be ...
by Tom Lum Forest
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There have been a bunch of exciting new green energy developments that are real breakthroughs that could solve our energy and climate crisis. Or at least they look like they could have been real ...
by barath
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It is obvious, the Laws of Physics say, that growth of our population, economy and energy use cannot continue without limit. This should be non-controversial. But it's not. These facts do not ...
by veritas curat
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Despite our global conservation strategy of creating substantial amounts of protected areas, the world is seeing an alarming drop of biodiversity according to scientists would maintain indexes on ...
by HoundDog
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This is believed to be Humanity's first successful device to routinely harness the boundless power of Sun, circa 6th century B.C . Its simplicity of design, is simply genius . World’s Oldest ...
by jamess
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A good rule of thumb is that when there is consensus on an issue in Washington (or Wall Street), it's probably wrong . There's a real consensus right now in Washington, even though ...
by barath
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On the way to catch up with my family on the island, I met Kai, who was the last of the siblings gathering for the imminent end of their father's voyage. Although for the most difficult of reasons, ...
by James Wells
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“The future ain’t what it used to be.” Yogi ...
by Growthbuster
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A while back I tried to figure out whether we can keep running things the way we're running them: do we need to ...
by barath
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At the moment I'm using the Internet, as are you. In many ways, the Internet is the largest and perhaps most successful global system ever built by humanity. And yet because of the way it was built-
by barath
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Environmentally aware individuals are perpetually bombarded by the worst sort of false choice, one that's been drilled into us even by environmental activist organizations. You know the sort of ...
by barath
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How best can we reconcile a core American commitment to economic growth with a finite planet and all but insatiable craving? As a progressive Buddhist, one who is intimately familiar with the Limits ...
by Tom Lum Forest
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