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Project Gulf Impact wants to use its diary in the Daily Kos Blogathon for the next three days to allow residents of the Gulf to be heard. Project Gulf ...
by Project Gulf Impact
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Please Unrec this diary and rec ...
by boatsie
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by Maryscott OConnor
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Many of you probably know about the event already. Atleast the people who check Halperin's thepage frequently. For those who can't stomac Mediorce Mark's ramblings and everybody else too: Sen. ...
by masterp23
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by Jed Lewison
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Well hello there everyone! It's Tuesday evening so ya know what's about to happen. Yep, we're going to leave the bad news and politics behind and instead focus on sharing our favorite songs. It's ...
by poligirl
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... Baucus and his committee are still at it, live on C-Span. I know this is not a "diary" - just a heads up. But, I think it should be brought to all those whom may be checking in on Daily Kos ...
by understandinglife
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From der Spiegel.. Waves and time of arrival in the ...
by Snowy Owl
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For those of you who want to watch LIVE video coverage of events which will effect the future of OccupyWallSt, now's your chance. First, a bit of background, courtesy of ...
by OllieGarkey
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ATTN watch President Obama Speak at Gov Deval Patrick's rally. Watch live here. See below the fold.
by Iche liebe PBHO
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Heads up President Obama will do a house meeting in the back yard to answer questions and do what he does best. See below the fold.
by Iche liebe PBHO
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This is not so much a diary as a link for people who are curious about the upcoming speech. Der Spiegel is live blogging up to the speech. It looks like it is going to be a big one.
by dditt
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What will Hillary say? Can she give up the ghost gracefully? Update : Oh dear, she's still campaigning. This is getting a little strange. Update : Rec this diary if you believe Hillary is more ...
by robertoroberto
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by Horace Boothroyd III
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Just a quick heads up for those people who like to watch the next president of the United States speak and talk with the electorate! TriCities will start streaming the event at 11:...
by masterp23
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by aoeu
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enjoy! when a great opportunity presents it-self, take it.
by CoEcoCe
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Now, hopefully nobody gets mad, but this will be a short diary again. Anyways it seems that Chris Matthews will be interviewing Bill Ayers today. As all of you probably know who Bill is, we ...
by YoungChicagoDemocrat
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by patginsd
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I'm going to be updating live on the pro-migrant marches here in Boston using my cell phone. Today is not a day to be on your computer. It's a day to get out and show your support for immigrant ...
by kyledeb
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