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Boil water: Houston, Webster Mandatory Evacuation: Galveston and Brazoria counties, Beaumont, Port Author Curfews: Montgomery and Calhoun Counties Bridge City: please volunteer ...
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It's great to be here blogging with you on DailyKos! I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion I had at ...
by Don Siegelman
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Dennis Kucinich is speaking on the floor of Congress (and on C-SPAN) right now, introducing articles of impeachment. Go, Dennis! [As suggested in comments]:Congressman Dennis Kucinich is on ...
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Cross-posted at Facing South [UPDATE: Watch the hearings LIVE, right now, ...
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by Al Rodgers
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Background: My husband is Canadian. He is a long-time cynic and quite politically disaffected. He thinks it's ALL bullshit, though he has enjoyed listening to Barack Obama. He sat with me through ...
by RenaRF
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WIf someone wants to take over the GA-01/GA-02 races and the Kentucky races on the list, go ahead. Apparently we have a couple of no-shows.
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It is 3:30 a.m. roughly. Another day in this infero'd state. We are being told there are resources to fight this coming from OTHER STATES. I fell into bed with Winston (my Jack Russell)
by Barbara
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Reid pulled the bill and tabled it till next year! Keep pushing your Senators folks...this is not totally over yet. . . . . . Harry Reid called for a cloture vote today and ...
by kimoconnor
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This is not the diary you should get all the facts from folks. Enjoy!!"
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Tonight John and I are having House Parties for Change across the country. I just got off the call with the East Coast conference call -- it was so energetic. Later tonight John and I will do the ...
by elizabethedwards
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Debate is over and the Health Care Bill passes!! Broadcast on C-Span right now is the House of Representatives debate on the health care bill. Also being broadcast ...
by citizenx
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Tonight we Minnesota Obama supporters are gathering ...
by Rieux
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