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Texas is the great prize that the Republicans must hold at all costs. Since 1998 the Democrats have been routed in statewide elections. Nate Silver had a good post about Texas last week. Back in ...
by Texdude50
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During the Republican drive to impeach and convict Bill Clinton of high crimes and misdemeanors in 1998 and early 1999, there was one day when the noise and fury got to be too much for me. Clinton ...
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If you've never heard of Alamo Drafthouse, it's a theater chain founded in Austin, Texas, that has become well-known not for the food or beer they serve, but for having a very strict policy ...
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Today marks the 25th anniversary of Ann Richards's spectacular "silver foot speech" at the 1988 Democratic Convention in Atlanta. Richards was then treasurer of Texas and would later become its ...
by Meteor Blades
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This is just *wrong*. To use Hillary's own words, shame on you, Hillary Clinton. "So many women ...
by Renee in Ohio
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(The joke part)... AUSTIN — In a surprise move, former Democratic governor Ann Richards of Texas defected from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign on Wednesday and ...
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Happy Birthday, Ann Richards. Richards was the second woman governor of Texas. She served from 1991 to 1995, to be defeated by George W. Bush– a defeat that would change the course of history not ...
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The voices of women, who of course make up the largest majority group in America, are featured in two new video ads released by the Hillary Clinton campaign. An appeal to women, and support from ...
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Fate is a cruel, cruel mistress. How can it be -- how can it be possible -- that we have lost Ann Richards, Molly Ivins and Lady Bird Johnson all in the course of a year? I ...
by wmtriallawyer
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We've watched Barack Obama go from Illinois Legislator to Democratic Convention Keynote Speaker to US Senator to viable challenger for President in 2008. For anyone who watched it, the importance ...
by rustydude
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I think all of us that read Molly Ivins loved her and lost a piece of ourselves the day she died as sure as had she been a sibling or parent. Back in the '80's when her column was a weekly regular ...
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Let the People In, the Life and Times of Ann Richards, University of Texas Press at Austin, copyright © 2012 by Jan Reid. 497 pages. Believe it or not, not all Texas governors have been as ...
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Hi again, all you NYC area Kossacks! Spring is here (though it doesn't feel much like it today), and to celebrate, we've got a special-event meetup scheduled: not just our usual brunch/dinner ...
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